The Yass method back in Manhattan in October!

I will be back in Manhattan in October for this month’s visit to the northeast so people in this area have the opportunity to obtain the Yass method in person. I will be in Manhattan the week of October 23-27th, Monday thru Friday. Appointments are two hours long and are one on one appointments. The treatment times begin at 9 am and finish at 9 pm everyday so there should be access for anybody seeking treatment regardless of time constraints that may exist. I stay and treat at the Hilton Grand Central at 304 E 42nd Street (42nd st and 2nd ave). People continue to seek treatment through the Yass method from as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as Philadelphia.

If you are suffering with chronic pain the most basic idea that must be understood is that the wrong tissue must have been diagnosed and treated. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. Pain is part of the body’s protective mechanism. It is designed to create conscious awareness of a tissue in distress. The goal of diagnostics and treatment is to identify this tissue and treat it appropriately so the distress of the tissue is resolved and therefore the emergency signal no longer required and the pain ceases. Clearly if you have been diagnosed and treated and your symptoms continue, there is no alternative but to acknowledge that the wrong tissue was treated. If this process has been going on for more than just a month or two, you have to accept the sad reality that the existing medical system is incapable of identifying the tissue in distress.

This lack of ability to identify the correct tissue is due to the fact that the system is primarily dependent on the MRI as the mechanism to identify the tissue in distress. The fact is from any standpoint that this is a “baseless” claim. The MRI finds structural variations that existed well before your symptoms began and have no correlation to the symptoms simply because the first time these structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears, rotator cuff tears, compression fractures, pinched nerves and the alike are identified is when you are having symptoms. You have also been culturally programmed to perceive these structural variations like cancers. The mere identification of them warranting some type of treatment including surgery is completely insane. Don’t you see the identification of these structural variations as a self fulfilling prophecy. Wouldn’t you imagine that through the natural aging process that as you get older these structural variations are occurring and so if an MRI was taken of just about anybody certainly over the age of 50 pretty much everybody would find some type of structural variation regardless of whether they were in pain or not. The proof is clear. In fact, studies have shown that these structural variations can be found in as many people with no pain as with pain. This implies a zero correlation between structural variations and pain meaning that there is no connection between the two. You can look at it from another perspective. The MRI was created in the 1980s. over 35 million are performed a year in the US alone. With all this testing and identification of structural variations and treatment to them, why has the number of people suffering with chronic pain continued to rise? Why has the coast of treatment continued to rise? Why has the number of people addicted to prescription pain medication continued to rise?

Chronic pain in almost every case is the result of misdiagnosed acute pain!!! You must recognize this and believe this. This is certainly a tough pill to swallow. Those trying to resolve your pain in the medical system honestly believe that their training is proper and correct. The results tell a completely different story. There simply has never been a time in human history that chronic pain was an issue until the medical system decided to treat it. That is a fact. Now if you want to try to resolve your pain you are going to have to get the right diagnosis. That is to say the tissue in distress emitting the pain signal or other symptoms you are experiencing. The only way to do this is by using the one method that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify this tissue; The Yass method. The MRI is baseless and that is a fact. The only thing that makes sense in diagnosing the cause of symptoms is that a tissue in distress elicits specific symptoms and the best way to identify that tissue is to interpret the symptoms being experienced. That can’t be any clearer. Muscle, bone and nerve all create specific symptoms. In my quarter of a century of treating pain I have proven that in more than 95% of cases the cause is muscular based. The great part of this is that muscle presents with very clear types of symptoms beyond just pain. If you have neck pain and also see your head is forward and your shoulders rounded, those combined proves you are having a muscular cause of pain. If you have lower back pain on one side and you see that one side of the pelvis is higher than the other, those together prove the cause is muscular. If you have pain and the pain is initiated or worsened with activity you just prove that the pain is muscular based.

Who is looking at your body and your symptoms in this light? Nobody, because they have all been educated and trained to use the MRI as the primary method of diagnosing. The worst part of this existing method is that in examining the body’s presentation of symptoms it is absolutely clear that the symptoms being experienced which represent a specific tissues attempt to create conscious awareness of the distress of that tissue could never be created by the structural variation identified as the cause. The symptoms tell you that the herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis, pinched nerve, meniscal tear, “bone on bone” and the alike could never create the symptoms being experienced. When these tissues are treated as the cause it should now be clear why your symptoms remain or get worse. This is a global problem and needs to be corrected. The Yass method is the only method designed to identify the tissue eliciting your symptoms by interpreting those symptoms. In more than 95% of cases the cause is muscular which will not show up on an MRI and there is simply no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. You can either stay with the existing system but at least now you can understand why you are never going to see your chronic pain resolved or you can go with the only method that is logical and proven over a quarter of a century; The Yass method.

For more information about the Yass method go to To make an appointment or to ask questions, you can contact me at For get free content go to my Facebook page at Dr. Mitchell Yass or my Youtube page at Dr. Mitchell Yass. If you do not live in the north east and are seeking treatment in person I take patients at my office in St. Augustine, Florida. For those who feel that traveling is too difficult but still want the benefit of the Yass method I perform Skype computer evaluations and treatments. Don’t wait another day to end your chronic pain. Get the Yass method and reclaim your life.

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