Don’t go a decade and then realize you could have had your pain resolved day 1

10 years of pain resolved in 2 hours. This is one of those examples of something sounding too good to be true. But it is in fact true. What makes this different is the fact that everything about the Yass Method is verifiable. The other things that sound to good too be true are false claims that are baseless with no theoretical basis and cannot be reproduced.

I present this video to show people that from day one i could have proven that the diagnosis provided by the medical system was wrong and that any attempt to address the diagnosed tissue was never going to lead to a resolution of symptoms or improvement in function. How disheartening is it that this woman lost a decade of her life to find out that the cause of her pain was something that was never going to be able to be diagnosed by the medical establishment.


You need to understand there are two streams of thought you can go by: first is the medical establishment view that diagnostic tests identify the cause of pain or two; the Yass Method view that the only way to diagnose the cause of symptoms is interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms which are in fact being elicited by the tissue in distress, the cause. Diagnostic tests do not identify muscular causes so all possible causes of pain can not be identified with this method. This should scare the shit out of you.

The Yass Method can identify all tissues creating symptoms

The Yass Method can identify all tissues because each tissue elicits a specific set of symptoms. Most importantly, I have found that in more than 99.99% of cases, the identified structural variation like arthritis, herniated disc, stenosis or meniscal tear do not create the same symptoms as the ones being experienced. Try to wrap your head around this statement. The cause and the symptoms must be connected because the cause (tissue in distress) is eliciting the very symptoms being experienced.

If the identified cause creates symptoms other then those being experienced, then that tissue can’t be creating the symptoms being experienced. You have absolutely no choice but to except that the MRI or x-ray finding is an independent finding and is not responsible for your symptoms therefore any attempt to address them does nothing to resolve your symptoms.


Kind of like jerking a woman around for 10 years identifying arthritis at her joints and replacing the joints when her description of her symptoms proved they could never have been coming from her joints. I realize this stuff is a little tough to understand especially when you have been coerced for over 40 years to believe that whatever is found on an MRI is the cause of symptoms and needs to be treated. But just look around you and see how this is going.

Neck, back and joint surgeries fail the vast majority of time. There has to be a reason. I am giving you the reason. Please schedule a Yass Method zoom session and get the right diagnosis and right treatment. You can start your day 1 towards ending your pain and living the life you so justly deserve.

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