Even medical professionals are coming to the Yass Method

This is another testimonial from a person who tried all the typical methods of treatment from the existing medical establishment to address his sciatica which failed until finally finding the Yass Method and had it fully resolved in just weeks.


What makes this a unique case is that this person is part of the existing medical establishment. He is an extremely successful ICU pulmonologist who once recognizing that the existing methodology employed by the establishment was not working, needed to seek a method that was outside the system; literally completely outside the box. Tom has been treated through the Yass Method for about 6 or 7 weeks. He has been seen one time a week at the facility in Jacksonville, Florida.


Simple, precise exercises performed 3x a week, ends symptoms

He was instructed on how to perform the appropriate exercises at home 2 other days a week so he was performing the Yass Method specified exercises only 3 days a week. The recognition of sciatic not coming from the lumber spine but from impingement of a muscle in the gluteal region called the piriformis is the key to understanding that sciatica is a neurological symptom with a muscular cause. Sciatica is due to hip region dysfunction, not any type of lumbar spinal abnormality.


Tom was instructed in the very specific exercises that are derived through the Yass Method and are not part of any curriculum found in any medical specialty or in the fitness industry. The exercises must be performed accurately with the understanding that progressive resistance must be employed to cause the isolated muscles being strengthened to get stronger so their force outputs are stronger then the force requirements of the activities being performed. This leads to the ability to live pain-free and fully functional.

If you are one of 40 million Americans suffering with sciatica, what do you have to lose; try the Yass Method

If you are one of the 40 million Americans or those internationally suffering with sciatica who have recognized that the medical establishment simply has it wrong about the cause of sciatica, please try the Yass Method and end your pain. Stop wasting time, effort and money on treatments that don’t address the true cause of sciatica. Make today the first day toward getting the right understanding and the right treatment to end your sciatica and reclaim your life.

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