The Yass Method can be provided in-person or virtually, via secured Zoom sessions, enabling people from around the world  to obtain this proven, highly successful  method. Identify and resolve the cause of your pain symptoms from the comfort of your home.

What to expect from your sessions

Patient Testimonial

1st Session

1.5-2 hours

Diagnosis and Treatment

What you need to know

Get the right diagnosis by understanding your symptom(s). In depth questioning is performed to get a history of the symptoms. 

Physical Testing

Physical testing is then introduced, including postural evaluation, functional testing and others. 


  • Combining the history and the testing leads to a diagnosis.


  • Specifically designed exercises are discussed, demonstrated, and practiced. 
  • Exercises are performed over the next four weeks prior to the second session.

2nd Session

1.5-2 hours

Review & Refinement

Review Prior Session

  • Review prior session including defined diagnosis and what was prescribed to resolve it
  • Discuss status of symptoms and functional level

Refine Exercises

  • Perform exercises again with less prompting to confirm understanding of exercises
  • Improve accuaracy in the exercises to maximize benefit
  • Review goals in function and how your progressing toward those goals.

Review Goals

  • Review goals in function and how your progressing toward those goals.

Follow Up Sessions

1.5-2 hours

Follow Up

Improvement Review

Typically 3 to 4 sessions are required for the person to understand the exercises to achieve full resolution of symptoms and return to full function

  • Review prior session and discuss changes in symptoms, mobility and function(s)

Perform Exercises

  • Continue to Perform exercises to improve accuracy

Moving to Self Reliance

  • Review of the individual’s expectations regarding symptom(s) resolution and return of full function
  • Discussion of general conditioning program to maximize overall activity, mobility and function level