Follow Up Sessions

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1- 1.5 hours

Four-week follow-up sessions are recommended to make sure the person is achieving their goals and are getting the optimal benefit from the method. Generally, it should take 3 to 4 sessions for the person to understand the detail of the exercises enough to achieve full resolution of symptoms and return to full function

Follow Up

These sessions take place every 4 weeks until the individual feels they are fully resolved with their symptoms and achieved full function or feel that they have control over the balance of the progression required to achieve these goals.

Subsequent sessions continue to follow through with your progression in resolving your symptoms and moving toward a full functional capacity. These sessions begin with a review and discussion of the past session(s) and how things have progressed, with sufficient opportunity to ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of the exercises. Again the exercises are performed by you with lesser and lesser guidance showing your complete understanding of how to accurately perform the exercises. Additional exercises may be added due to a reduction in symptoms or as part of a progression of resolving multiple symptoms. Discussion regarding a full reengagement of all activities is part of the process. Your perception of where you stand regarding the achievement of your goals is discussed. Any fears or concerns are addressed again, looking beyond the physical symptoms to the emotional, spiritual and intellectual.  Activities such as walking, stair climbing or running may be asked to be demonstrated to look at how they are being performed and how improvements may need to be made. The possibility of a future session or two toward the development of a general conditioning program upon resolution of all symptoms and full return to function, activities, and mobility is offered.

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VideotapedРagain the session is videotaped  and this most recent video becomes the means for performing the exercises accurately with the optimal resistance.