2nd Session

Equipment you need


1- 1.5 hours

The initial session may run from 1 ½ to 2 hours but typical sessions should run from 1 to 1 ½ hours.- due to the initial session involving the determination of the cause of symptoms, the length of this session is slightly longer.

Review & Refinement

As noted, a review of the first session is initiated. It is important to see what you have taken from the first session in terms of understanding the cause of the symptoms and how you approach resolution of the cause.

This time, the exercises are initiated by you with oversight for increased understanding.. The key is to determine how much you retained from the first session. Higher level of specificity can be addressed in this session to  maximize effectiveness. A review of emotional, intellectual and spiritual aspects affecting the process will be intergrated. Seeing how open you are to actually resolving your symptoms versus reluctance due to the concerns of possibly reinjuring yourself needs to be addressed. This enables you to fully understand your actions and reactions to the improvement process in a comprehensive manner.

Zoom Session


Watch Session Example


the session is again videotaped for your use at the completion of the session and serves to  replacethe first video for a clearer, more accurate way of performing the exercises..