The Proof Is In The Pudding About Living Pain Free!

Here is our latest cable tv commercial to help create awareness of the Yass Method For Pain Free Movement. Whether obtaining it in-person at our Jacksonville, Florida facility or by zoom globally, the Yass Method will properly identify the cause of pain which has been shown to be muscular in more than 98% of cases even when structural abnormalities like herniated discs, arthritis, stenosis, pinched nerves, meniscal tears and the alike are identified by MRI.

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Muscular Causes Can Only Be Resolved With The Proper Form Of Strengthening

Then with the use of the uniquely engineer strength training exercises at the core of the treatment model of the method, you can have your pain resolved and function returned in just weeks; not months or years. These structural abnormalities exist in as many people without pain and have existed for years before the existing symptoms began.

What Does The Evidence Show?

The evidence after 40 years is clear. The global attempt to diagnose and treat pain based on baseless MRI results has left 130 million Americans and roughly 1 billion people worldwide in terminal chronic pain. How long will you have to remain in pain before you come to realize something is wrong is how you are being treated. I was educated as a physical therapist only to realize by the end of the curriculum that the educational system is flawed and in every medical specialty, people continue to be educated under a flawed system. This is why the medical system will never acknowledge that it is the reason for chronic pain.

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So if you ever want to imagine a life without pain and an ability to do what you want when you want, I suggest you consider the Yass Method For Pain Free Movement.

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