If This Testimonial Doesn’t Get You To Seek The Yass Method, What Will?

This is a post that was left to a Facebook Live presentation I provided. If you are still having chronic pain after all the treatments including surgery you have tried, why would you not move away from the existing medical system and try the Yass method. You have to see your situation exactly as this woman’s was prying to trying the Yass method. Suffering for the sake of ineptness of the existing medical establishment’s and their lack of willing to acknowledge that the MRI is baseless leading to false diagnoses and worthless treatments does not have to continue. It doesn’t matter how you get the Yass method, the books, in-person treatments in New York or Florida or Skype computer sessions, just get it. It is time to end your suffering and reclaim your life!


Cynthia Karube · 21:32 Greetings Dr. Yass! I saw you on PBS here in Tennessee and was impressed by your presentation. I was miserable with lower back pain. I had come to think it was probably my kidneys because it was such a deep, achey, constantly hurting, throbbing swath across my lower back and I had been experiencing this for soooo long. I researched you after that presentation, read enough of your book right on line to follow your suggested exercises & stretches for my particular pain that very night. My back pain DISAPPEARED! It was GONE in 3 days! I kid you not! Simply VERY tight quads. It was like a miracle to me! Actually, I think the timing in finding you was! I am not one to run to the medical system but I was just about to go and THANK GOD I stumbled onto you on PBS (and no, Dr. Yass does not know me or has ever heard this story either!) I tell people about you. I lend my book out to those who will listen. (Some won’t you know). So when I saw this post on FB, I just had to tell you. People need to listen to you, get your book, and use it! I know it works. Oh yeah! So when i felt like a knife was going up the back behind my shoulder blade, I looked it up in your book, did the testing and then the exercises( infraspinatus was tight and weak) and voila! Amazing! Pain GONE! So listen up people. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Get his book! God bless you Dr. Yass. May your work prosper and spread. So very needed!


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