Bone-on-bone: range of motion not an x-ray tells the tale!

You have been programmed to believe that an x-ray can identify whether a joint is bone-on-bone. This is a complete fallacy. Only a physical presentation of a major loss of range of motion indicates whether a joint is bone-on-bone. The x-ray cannot identify whether even a small joint space still exists. It simply shows a decreased joint space. This has occurred over years if not decades. It is a degenerative process. It has existed for years before your symptoms began.

Only a major loss of range of motion of a joint with a sense of a bone hitting another bone limiting further motion indicates bone-on-bone. Pain from bone-on-bone can only elicit pain at the joint itself. Pain at the groin, pain at the lateral pelvic region or gluteal region cannot be caused by bone-on-bone at the hip. Pain around the kneecap cannot be caused by bone-on-bone at the joint between the thigh bone and lower leg bone.

In more than 95% of cases of pain, the cause is muscular due to a lack of strength of all the appropriate muscles trying to perform your functional tasks. It is more a basis of fitness then medical. The medical system will continue to fail you regardless of the specialist you see because they are incapable of properly diagnosing the cause of your symptoms; that is to say the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms you are experiencing. If somebody is trying to tell you the tissue in distress is a structural element of a joint, you better see a major loss of range motion and the limiting factor be an inability to push the joint through range of motion, not pain. You will get an unnecessary surgery as millions have already and you will wonder why you are still having the same symptoms or the symptoms shifted to the other leg or another joint but you still can’t function.

I am giving you the understanding for the first time. You now know why you don’t get any relief of symptoms or return of function. The scariest part of the whole situation is those treating you think what they are doing is valid because they have been educated and trained to believe this. With all the failures of surgery and other procedures there is nobody discussing a reform of the system. It is clearly full steam ahead. The only one that can protect you is you.

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