Two locations to get the Yass method: Manhattan and South Florida in the next 3 weeks!

Coming up in the next couple of weeks there are two locations where you can get the Yass method to resolve your pain or other symptoms and reclaim your life. I am in Manhattan from October 23-27th, Monday thru Friday. I stay and treat at the Hilton Grand Central at 42nd st and 2nd ave. If you are in the northeast and are looking for a logical time tested method to properly diagnose the cause of your pain or other symptoms, this is your chance to get the Yass method in person. I will also be in south Florida, Boynton Beach, on November 7th and 8th, Tuesday and Wednesday. Those in the south Florida region can have this opportunity to see me in person without having to drive to northern Florida. This is a short trip because I am coming south for a medical procedure. I just want people to have a chance to see me while I am in the south.

Take this opportunity to end your chronic pain. Chronic pain must be perceived as misdiagnosed acute pain. By definition if you are suffering for chronic pain you must recognize that the wrong tissue is being treated. If pain is elicited by a tissue in distress to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue, if you resolve the distress of the tissue, there is no longer a need for that tissue to elicit pain and it simply ceases. So if you have received treatment for a particular diagnosis which represents the cause of the symptoms and the symptoms continue after the treatment, you must accept that the wrong tissue was treated. This is common resultant of people who are treated through the existing medical model. The person is then told that something else must be the cause or the fall back position of pain management is prescribed. My question to anyone in this predicament is why would you continue with this practitioner after they go the diagnosis wrong the first time?

The Yass method is the only method designed to interpret the body’s presentation of symptoms. Since the tissue in distress is the tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced, by interpreting the symptoms you can identify the correct tissue. This is completely outside the medical establishment which is almost completely dependent on the MRI to establish a diagnosis. The reality is that the MRI is baseless in identifying the cause of symptoms as the structural variations identified like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, pinched nerves meniscal tears and the alike existed long before the symptoms began. They can also be found in as many people without pain as those with pain clearly indicating that these structural variations are independent variables to pain. Why do you think all the treatments provided fail. Why are so many people still having chronic pain? Why are so many people addicted to prescription pain medication? The worst part of this whole system is the fact that those you are going to to be diagnosed and treated believe that the existing system works and is successful even with every form of evidence showing it to be a massive failure. So going to get a second or third opinion using the same false method of diagnosing won’t get you any closer to identifying the cause of your pain. Only getting the right method, will do the trick. That method is the Yass method! Get it now and reclaim your life!

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