The diagnose of the cause of your pain is directly related to the specialist you see. Isn’t this insane?

When you are referred to a specialist or choose to go to one on your own, is it hard to imagine that you just reduced the possible causes of your pain to the only ones this particular specialist is trained to identify? So let’s say you chose to go to a chiropractor to address your pain. Is it shocking that the cause of your pain will be identified to be associated with your spine? It doesn’t really matter where the pain is, what brings on the pain, what started the pain, etc. An x-ray or MRI will be presented to you showing you arthritis, a herniated disc, pinched nerve or stenosis of the spine and that becomes your diagnosis. There is no attempt to interpret your symptoms. The x-ray or MRI showed a structural variation at the spine and that is it. Boom, over! Your treatment will include adjustments or other treatments to the spine. The fact that there may be a more realistic cause based on the presentation of the body’s symptoms is of little value. Does anybody think that if they go to a chiropractor their diagnosis is not going to be the spine?

Is there a podiatrist on this planet that is not going to tell you the cause of your pain is not coming from your feet? You could have shoulder pain, neck pain, knee pain, pain in your ear and somehow it is always going to come back to the feet. You can’t blame them. This is what they are educated and trained to promote. A cortisone shot and/or orthotic is the ticket to all pain.  The sad part is that you end up seeing a podiatrist and get treatment and you think that the cause is identified from a multitude of choices that the podiatrist negotiated through to come up with the diagnose of the foot. This is their only diagnosis. It is one of one. If the true cause is outside of the foot there is no chance of getting the right diagnosis.

Then there are the heavy hitters; the neurologist and orthopedist. This is where it gets scary. You are going to a surgeon to determine if surgery is the right option for you. You are seeking advice from a person who has only been trained to perform surgery. You think they are well versed in all tissues and somehow they can come to the conclusion that your pain is neurologic or joint related. Do you think that a neurologist is ever going to tell you that your pain is not from the nervous system? Do you think that an orthopedist is ever going to tell you that your pain is not from the structure of a joint? I don’t think you get the concept of how this system works. These are specialists. They are educated and trained is very specialized areas of information. They only know their area of expertise. They know nothing outside that area. A rheumatologist is always trained to tell you your pain is from arthritis. So if you went to a neurologist, orthopedist, rheumatologist, chiropractor, podiatrist and any other specialist you can think of what is the chance you are going to get the same diagnosis? You have to assume your pain is coming from one tissue in distress that is eliciting the pain signal to create awareness of the distress. The goal of diagnostics is to identify this tissue so an intervention can be provided to resolve the distress of the tissue. Once resolved, the tissue no longer has to elicit the emergency signal of distress which is pain and it ceases. So what is the chance that all of these specialists are going to agree on which tissue is in distress? ZERO.

So by definition the diagnosis you get is strictly based on the specialist you see. And since each specialist can only identify one particular cause of pain then there is a massive probability that you are going to get the wrong diagnosis. I like to associate this idea with this scenario. A gentleman is taught one song to sing his whole life; it is Happy Birthday. He has never been taught another song. He has trained to sing this song like nobody else. It turns out that today is your wedding anniversary and this fellow is called to come over and sing a song for you. What song do you think he is going to sing on this wonder celebration of your anniversary? HAPPY BIRTHDAY of course. Not exactly appropriate for this particular celebration but what do you want, that’s all he knows, that’s all he has been trained to sing. This is your medical system. People that are only taught to sing one song regardless of what holiday is being celebrated. This is about as perverse as it gets but it is completely factually based. Now combine the fact that almost medical specialist depends almost solely on the MRI to identify the tissue they are going to treat and you have just created a situation in which over 90% of people seeking medical treatment for pain will be misdiagnosed. 

It you do not see the medical system in this way, I am sorry for you. There has to be a rationale explanation why nobody who is being treated for pain is getting better. Why are so many people addicted to prescription pain medication. Why have so many lives been destroyed due to chronic pain. Even the idea of chronic pain makes no sense. Pain is elicited at the acute stage of distress of the tissue eliciting the symptoms. If the proper tissue is identified and the distress resolved in an appropriate fashion, the eliciting of pain ends in the acute phase. Chronic pain only exists if misdiagnose exists and the wrong tissue is treated leaving the tissue in distress unidentified and still eliciting pain. The Yass method sits completely outside the existing medical system. It employs a different method of diagnosing the tissue in distress. The body presents a certain set of symptoms based on the tissue in distress and it is the interpretation of the symptoms that allows the correct tissue to be identified. This method allows all tissues to be identified. There is no specialization that only allows one tissue to be identified. In more than 95% of cases the tissue in distress is muscle. This will not be identified by any medical specialist because they are simply not educated or trained to do so. Diagnostic tests are not capable of identifying these types of causes either.

The end of the year is upon us. For so many of you looking toward the new year  too many are left with a sense of hopelessness and despair. If you are still depending on the medical system to resolve your symptoms, the sad reality is that there is little chance of this occurring. They will never tell you to stop coming for treatment. It is up to you to recognize from a logical perspective they don’t have the education or training to achieve this goal. The Yass method can achieve it because it has the time tested, logical approach that uses the body to help identify which tissue is in distress. When found to be muscle, it has the right method of performing targeted, progressive resistance strength training to cause the affected muscles to get strong enough to perform your functional tasks without straining and eliciting pain.

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