Great post on my Bottomline Health Inc blog regarding 5 keys to strength training to resolve your pain.

I am proving a link to a post I recently did for my Bottomline Health Inc blog. I am one of only 10 bloggers for this great site. Bottomline health has been providing applicable and insightful information through their subscription newsletter since the 70s. I have been fortunate enough to be an expert they have sought information from regarding many topics associated with pain and its resolution. They recently decided to move to a digital platform and created this website. I provide a monthly blog I would recommending viewing.

This particular blog post centers around the correct method to utilize strength training to resolve your pain. It is hard enough to get anybody to understand that in most cases the tissue eliciting the symptoms people experience including pain is muscle. But even if somebody comes to this realization, what should be done to resolve the cause of the symptoms? If you get guidance through physical therapy or other medical/fitness practitioners, you most likely will not get the right direction. This is because in most cases the exercises being provided are not purposeful and don’t include the premise of progressive resistance. So if you are not addressing the specific muscles that are responsible for eliciting your symptoms and you are not causing those muscles to adapt to greater resistances thereby causing the muscles to get stronger to where they can perform your functional activities without symptoms, you will not be pain-free and certainly not fully functional.

Please click on the link below to see the post. It is very complete in providing the underpinnings of what makes Yass Method strength training exercises so unique from what exists in the existing medical and fitness “professions”. You will see that it takes less time with fewer exercises and the exercises are easier to perform then anything you have done to date.  The only thing that is hard is the extent of resistance you have to work against to get the results you are looking for. If you have tried performing exercises and you are not seeing a reduction in your symptoms and improvement in your function, there is a good reason why. You are doing the wrong thing. Learn the facts that will allow you to resolve your symptoms and reclaim your life through the Yass method with YASSERCISE!

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