Start the New Year off right with the Yass Method in Manhattan in January

The New Year is upon us and you are probably thinking it can’t be another year living with chronic pain. It simply doesn’t have to be. Chronic pain is actually something that shouldn’t exist. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The tissue itself emits the pain you experience as a means of creating conscious awareness of the distress of that tissue. The goal is to get an intervention to resolve the distress of the tissue. The pain begins at the inception of the distress of the tissue. Once the distress is resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the emergency distress call of pain and the pain simply ceases. If the pain is elicited at the acute stage of distress of the tissue and the correct tissue is identified and treated to resolve the distress of the tissue, the pain ends during the acute phase.

This is how the body is supposed to work. If chronic pain exists it can only exist for one reason; MISDIAGNOSIS. Clearly the wrong tissue is being identified and treated thereby keeping the tissue in distress still in distress. That is why the that tissue still emits the distress signal of pain. This is the real reason for chronic pain and it stems almost completely from the false narrative that the MRI is actually identifying the tissue in distress. THIS IS BASELESS. The MRI simply finds structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears, compression fractures and the alike and because you are having pain at the time they are identified it is asserted that they are causing the pain. This is correlative theory also known as junk science. The obvious question is what would an MRI show if it were taken a year or two before you pain began. The answer is exactly the same thing as when you were experiencing the pain. The pain is completely independent of the structural variation. It can also be seen in the sense that if these structural variations cause pain then those without pain should not have any structural variations. As many people without pain can be found to have the same structural variations at those with pain. This is why all attempts to treat these structural variations do nothing to resolve the pain. This is why you are left being given pain medication, cortisone shots, epidural nerve blocks, radio frequency ablations and any other type of masking agent they can throw at you to try to mask your awareness of your symptoms. By definition the presentation of any of these masking agents is the medical systems way of raising the white flag and saying they give up in trying to identify the tissue in distress.

You will have to make a decision to end the cycle of false diagnosis and false treatment. You will have to decide to move to a more logical time tested method for diagnosing and treating the cause of pain; The Yass Method. The diagnostic model focuses on interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to determine which tissue is in distress. This makes total sense because the tissue in distress is the tissue eliciting the symptoms being experienced. Each tissue elicits specific symptoms. In my over 25 years of diagnosing and treating pain, I have proven that in more than 95% of cases the tissue in distress is muscle. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests like MRIs and there is NO medical specialty educated or trained to identify or treat them. If confirmed to be muscular then only Yassercise consisting of targeted progressive resistance strength training can resolve the symptoms and return you to full functional capacity. You have one chance to get the right diagnosis which leads to the right treatment, The Yass Method.

I will be in Manhattan to bring the Yass method to the northeast so those in the area can get the method in person in their backyards. I will be there the week of January 15th-19th, Monday thru Friday. People have come from as far north as New Hampshire and as far south as Pennsylvania. The sessions are two hours long and are one-on-one. They include an evaluation to identify the cause of the pain, if confirmed to be muscular, treatment including massage and stretching to maximize the length of the muscles so they are at their optimal length to respond to the targeted progressive resistance exercises that will be provided and performed. The exercises are typically videotaped for future reference in performing the exercises after the session/s are complete. The sessions begin 9 am each day and end at 9 pm so that everybody should be able to find a time of day that works for them. I will be staying and treating at the Homewood Suites at 312 W 37th St between 8th and 9th Ave. If you would like to make an appointment or have questions you can contact me at my email address at 

The New Year is a time of rebirth. Make this year the rebirth of a pain-free fully functional life. The life you deserve to have. It really is in your capacity to achieve. Just take the right steps and reclaim your life.

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