End the opioid crisis by ending the chronic pain crisis

Any discussion of the opioid crisis without connecting it to the chronic pain crisis is useless and disingenuous. The idea of the opioid crisis existing due to its replacement of heroine as the new drug of casual use is laughable. If this is truly the reason for the overuse and addiction to opioids then why were these prescription drugs not available during the height of heroine drug use, the 1960s and 1970s.
The reality is that opioid use is directly due to the inability of the medical system to properly identify the tissue in distress emitting the pain being experienced by people worldwide. The use of the MRI to identify this tissue is “baseless”. The mere idea that because an MRI identifies a structural variation like a herniated disc or pinched nerve at the time pain exists and therefore it is the tissue in distress emitting the pain is preposterous. If an MRI were taken a year or two prior to the pain beginning the results would be identical. This is because these types of structural variations are slow and progressive in nature. What is clearer evidence is the fact that as many people without pain are found to have the same structural variations in almost the same percentages as those with pain. Clearly pain and structural variations are independent variables. But this will never stop the existing method of diagnosing through MRI.
And so the wrong tissue will continue to be identified and pain will persist. The fact is that pain is elicited by the tissue in distress at the inception of the distress. If immediately identified  and treated properly pain should never exist any more than in the acute stage. This should help to explain that chronic pain can only exist if misdiagnosis exists.
As long as this medical system is allowed to persist under these conditions, chronic pain will continue and the only alternative the medical system can provide is in trying to mask the awareness of the pain which comes in the form of opioids.
It is your choice to stay with the existing method or move to the Yass method which focuses its diagnostic model on interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify which tissue is in distress emitting those symptoms. All possible tissues including muscle can be identified. I have proven that in more than 95% of cases muscle is the tissue in distress. These types of causes cannot show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify them.
If you want to end the opioid crisis then you must first end the chronic pain crisis. The only way to do this is to utilize a method that correctly identifies the tissue in distress initially so the correct intervention can be performed and the acute pain prevented from becoming chronic. NO CHRONIC PAIN= NO OPIOID USE

Please share this post. The only way this situation will ever resolve is with a mass outcry from those who are most affected by this injustice; the people of the world. If you are suffering with chronic pain and would like to see it resolved, please contact me at my email address: drmitch@mitchellyass.com.


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