The cover story for What Doctors Don’t Tell You in both the US and the UK. What more indication of credibility is needed for the Yass method

What an honor to be given the cover story for the January 2018 issue of What Doctors Don’t Tell You for both the US and UK versions. This is a magazine that is sold in 20 countries and translated into 14 languages. I have been given the opportunity to provide a article on the issue of sciatica. The article focuses on the vast chasm between the existing medical system understanding of the cause and treatment of sciatica versus the Yass Method. The existing system uses medication and surgery to address the false cause of structural variations at the lumbar spine. The Yass Method carefully lays out the theoretical basis of the cause being muscular. This allows the person suffering to perform a specific series of progressive strength training exercises to resolve the cause and end the symptoms. This article goes into great detail explaining why the existing medical system has left more than 40 million Americans suffering with sciatica while the Yass Method has achieved a nearly 100% success rate in resolving the symptoms and returning the person to full functional capacity.

My hope is for the Yass Method to continue to be highlighted in such prestigious journals as What Doctors Don’t Tell You. Whether print, radio or television, the goal is to make the Yass Method more accessible to those who are suffering needlessly with chronic pain. My hope is that one day every person have the opportunity to use the Yass Method to resolve their symptoms and live a fully functional life; a life that every person deserves to live.

Please share this post with anybody suffering with chronic pain or anybody in a position to help spread the Yass method through the media.

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