Back In Manhattan: Don”t Start The New Year With Chronic Pain. Get The Yass Method!

The New Year brings hope of new starts. This is your chance to end your chronic pain and begin the New Year off right by getting the Yass Method. I will be in Manhattan the week of January 15th thru 19th, Monday thru Friday utilizing the Yass method to properly diagnose and treat the cause of pain. The sessions are one-on-one and run for 2 hours per session. The sessions consist of an evaluation to identify the tissue in distress. If confirmed to be muscle then treatment is performed including massage and stretching to maximize the length of the muscles to minimize pain and maximize the force output of the muscles. This prepares the muscles to be ready to respond optimally to the targeted progressive resistance strength training exercises designed to maximize the force output of the muscles so functional activities can be performed without the muscles straining and eliciting symptoms.

The treatments are performed at the hotel where I stay. It is the Homewood Suites at 312 W 37th Street between 8th and 9th Ave. Most people come for 1, 2 or 3 successive day sessions. I recommend coming for 3 sessions because this allows more treatment to be performed to maximize the length of the affected muscles so they can adapt to the strength training exercises in the shortest period of time to diminish the symptoms and return to full function. It also allows the person to perform the exercises more times which allows them to understand the finer aspects of the exercise which is key to getting the most from them and achieving the goals of full pain resolution and full return of function in the shortest period of time. This is strictly a recommendation and not a requirement. I only recommend this based on the past experience i have had with people achieving their goals based on the number of times they received treatment.

The key to understand is that the Yass Method stands alone in its ability to properly identify the tissue in distress which is eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. Why do you think that you are still in chronic pain after all the specialists you have seen and all the treatments you have obtained? There is only one legitimate possible answer to this question; MISDIAGNOSIS. Pain develops at the inception of distress of a tissue as a means of that tissue trying to create conscious awareness of the distress of that tissue. The goal is for an intervention to be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue and once resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the emergency distress signal of pain and pain ceases. Therefore if the correct tissue is identified and treated in the acute phase then the distress is resolved and pain ceases in its acute phase. This understanding should make it clear that the only reason why pain could become chronic is because the wrong tissue has been identified and continues to be treated.

This entire process of misdiagnosis occurs as soon as a person enters the medical system to obtain treatment. The MRI is the primary method of diagnosing the tissue in distress. The MRI finds structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tears and the alike. The principal of the MRI is based on one singular idea. The cause of the pain is said to be from the structural variation identified simply because the structural variation is identified at the time the pain exists. This is known as correlative theory otherwise known as junk science. Clearly if an MRI were taken a year before the symptoms began the results would be identical as these structural variations are slow and progressive in nature and take years if not decades to develop. So if the structural variation occurred for years prior to the pain how can anybody assert it is the cause of the pain. Then there is the issue that if these structural variations cause pain then those with no pain should not have any structural variations. Well it turns out that as many people with no pain have the same structural variations as those with pain in almost the same percentages. Then there is the issue if a muscle is strained and eliciting pain would that show up on an MRI? The answer is no and there is also no medical specialty educated or trained to identify these types of causes. I have proven that in more than 95% of cases the cause is muscular. This should alarm you and make you realize that at least 90% of people getting diagnosed through the MRI are being misdiagnosed. You have also been programmed to believe that these types of structural variations are like cancer and upon the identification of them they require an intervention to address them without question when it fact they are like wrinkles and require no intervention because they are creating any symptoms. The other important think to recognize is that those that are performing the diagnostic tests and treatments based on these findings actually believe that what they are doing is valid. This with the fact that the failure of back surgery is over 70%, that 22 million people are addicted to prescription pain medication in the US, that more than 130 million Americans and 1 billion people worldwide suffer from chronic pain and most importantly that chronic pain by definition should simply not exist.

You have a choice to start this new year. Stick with what you are doing and hope that the next surgery is going to do something that the prior surgeries haven’t been able to achieve. Take a new medication and hope that it will somehow be able to mask your symptoms enough to allow you to function at some diminished rate. Give up and say you have tried everything and conclude that chronic pain is your destined state. Or look to a new alternative. One that is steeped in logic and theory and has been used for over a quarter of century. Don’t simply take my word for this. Go to my Youtube page at Dr. Mitchell Yass or my Facebook pain at Dr. Mitchell Yass. There is a massive amount of free content for you to observe and learn. When you conclude that the Yass Method is the only logical path to a pain-free fully functional life then it is time to contact me. I can be reached at my email address:

End your misery. There is a reason why chronic pain exists worldwide; MISDIAGNOSIS. Get the Yass Method and get the right diagnosis and treatment. Your future and your ability to end your pain and reclaim your life is more in your hands then you can ever imagine. Learn why!



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