Take The First Step To Living Pain Free- A New Direction-A New Outcome

Why Pain Free is so elusive Living pain free and fully functional seems like an obstacle that can’t be overcome for way to many of you; roughly 130 million Americans and roughly 1 billion people world wide. You seek medical care of various specialists. You try all different types of medications. You try different procedures […]

Save $50: Make zoom session appointment this week! The Yass Method

Zoom Session Special! Anyone who knows me knows i would give anything through the use of The Yass Method to get a person out of pain and see them have the full functional live they justly deserve. To show I am a man of my word and willing to put my money where my mouth […]

Dave takes steps after bedridden for 3 years

Dave, just took steps for the first time after being bedridden for three years. We have been working for a couple of months and just achieved this monumental goal. He should be walking for steps in the next month or so. Dave has been checked for cancer, Alzheimer’s, HIV, stroke and tumors in the medical […]

Diana Cunningham testimonial

This woman suffered for years after failed surgeries and other treatments. She found the Yass method and within a couple of months was pain-free. She describes many of the treatments and practitioners that failed her and why she feels she needs to endorse the Yass method as the only way of resolving pain. if you […]

What a Blessing He and His Book Have Been

Several years ago I happened to see Dr Yass on television. He was telling about the methods he had developed to cure pain. It all sounded very logical and “doable”. He told about the book he had written so that we could use his methods at home. Due to an automobile accident and to my […]

2 testimonials- 1 from 2 years ago and 1 from a few weeks ago

Here are two testimonials from people who used the Yass method to resolve their pain. The first is someone who simply did it on her own using information from my book.  Someone just commented on a video from 2 years ago which led me to find this testimonial so I wanted to share it with […]

The Right Place To Resolve Your Pain: A Gym Not The Doctor’s Office

Most people when they have pain for a sustained period of time which eventually affects their functional capacity will seek assistance in identifying the cause of the pain and resolving it. The world has been coerced into thinking this solution can be obtained through the medical system. It doesn’t matter whether you go to an […]

Enlightening podcast with Bottomline Inc.

Here is a link to a podcast I performed with Sara Hiner, CEO of Bottomline Publishing, Why the Medical System for Diagnosing and Treating Joint Pain Is Broken – with Dr. Mitchell Yass. If you questioning how to properly diagnose the cause of your pain, this podcast will answer that question. Wondering why all your […]