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Zoom Session Special!

Anyone who knows me knows i would give anything through the use of The Yass Method to get a person out of pain and see them have the full functional live they justly deserve. To show I am a man of my word and willing to put my money where my mouth is, I am reducing the cost of a zoom session evaluation and treatment by $50 this week, Monday through Friday. Just make an appointment by clicking here, At the time of the session, you will be the refunded $50.

This session doesn’t have to occur this week, just scheduled this week. I want people to end their search for the right path to resolving their pain and getting back to the life they so justly deserve.

How A Yass Zoom Session Works

The Yass Method diagnoses the cause of pain by evaluating the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress eliciting those very symptoms. In more than 98% of cases the cause is muscular which will not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify these causes. Don’t waste another day in pain hoping that tomorrow will be different. To make a difference you have to do something different. This is your chance.

The Yass method has been used virtually for years before there was even Zoom through Skype. It has been used by people in multiple countries as far away as Taiwan. The ability to communicate is no different whether in person or virtually. If the cause of symptoms is muscular which i have proven it to be in more than 98% of cases, then the only thing required to resolve the cause is the performance of isolated progressive resistance strength training which can easily be demonstrated and performed virtually.

The other significant advantage to the virtual settings is that the sessions are videotaped. this allows the person to have this going forward to use as a reference in performing the exercises correctly and utilizing the appropriate resistance.

In terms of equipment, no method requires less. To perform The Yass Method exercises, you simply need a chair and a resistance band and be able to be seen in front of a door and frame to allow the band to be secured so resistance can be created. All exercises can be performed using this method. The band can be secured to the door and frame at what ever height is needed to create the proper line of pull to maximize the use of the resistance. the ability to move from exercise to exercise by simply taking the band out of the door and frame and putting at the proper location for the next exercise couldn’t be more easy.

then there is the comfort of being able to perform your session at home. no travel is necessary. When you are ready for your session, just go to the location where you have set up for the session and begin. In terms of times for the virtual sessions, i have made the times available as widespread through the day as possible. There are 4 choices, 9 am, 1 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm. this should give everybody a time that works for them. you get to choose the time that works. you don’t have to be pigeon hold into a time that works for a facility. The sessions are available Monday through Friday.

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