Make The Yass Method Your First Choice, Not Your Last Choice To End Your Pain!

For most people they come across The Yass Method as their last chance to end their pain and regain the life they so justly deserve. They try the normal means of going to the medical establishment. They try conservative means like chiropractic care or physical therapy. At best temporary relief is achieved and the frustration of it returning without end only attaches anxiety and depression to the pain. Eventually things like injections and even surgery may be accepted not because there is proof that they will work but because the person has been manipulated into the mindset that these are your last resort from a medical system that presents no evidence that they are capable of diagnosing the actual cause of your pain; the tissue in distress eliciting the pain itself.

When all of this fails, the person then goes on the internet and starts searching for anything that might work. This is where they encounter the cesspool of information. People promoting anything and praying on the emotions of those who are simply looking to get back to normal function. It is in this haze of information that the person comes across a Youtube video I made or a post from my blog or an article I wrote for a magazine or website. For the first time, things start to make sense about what is causing their pain. Most people say that when they read my information they think I am talking directly to them. That is because most people are in the same situation. What they are not finding out anywhere else but with The Yass method is that the cause of their pain is muscular. The tissue in distress eliciting the emergency distress signal of pain is muscle. Whether the pain is in a muscle, at a joint or referred, it is the result of a muscle weakness or imbalance due to the fact that the force requirements of the activities being performed is greater then the force output of all the muscles trying to perform them. Ultimately only targeting progressive resistance strength training is the method to resolving the cause of the symptoms.

My wish is that people find about The Yass Method before they succumb to all of this. Just start with acute pain and find it’s cause and resolve it quickly returning the person back to a pain-free fully functional lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more about obtaining The Yass Method virtually click here (

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