2 testimonials- 1 from 2 years ago and 1 from a few weeks ago

Here are two testimonials from people who used the Yass method to resolve their pain. The first is someone who simply did it on her own using information from my book.  Someone just commented on a video from 2 years ago which led me to find this testimonial so I wanted to share it with everybody. The second achieved her results through one treatment with me.  There is no other method I am aware of that can get these kind of results in such short periods of time.

What are you waiting for? Clearly you are in chronic pain strictly because you have been misdiagnosed. Get the right diagnosis and the right treatment through the Yass method and you could be just like these people.



Greetings Dr. Yass! I saw you on PBS here in Tennessee and was impressed by your presentation. I was miserable with lower back pain. I had come to think it was probably my kidneys because it was such a deep, achey, constantly hurting, throbbing swath across my lower back and I had been experiencing this for soooo long. I researched you after that presentation, read enough of your book right on line to follow your suggested exercises & stretches for my particular pain that very night. My back pain DISAPPEARED! It was GONE in 3 days! I kid you not! Simply VERY tight quads. It was like a miracle to me! Actually, I think the timing in finding you was! I am not one to run to the medical system but I was just about to go and THANK GOD I stumbled onto you on PBS (and no, Dr. Yass does not know me or has ever heard this story either!) I tell people about you. I lend my book out to those who will listen. (Some won’t you know). So when I saw this post on FB, I just had to tell you. People need to listen to you, get your book, and use it! I know it works. Oh yeah! So when i felt like a knife was going up the back behind my shoulder blade, I looked it up in your book, did the testing and then the exercises( infraspinatus was tight and weak) and voila! Amazing! Pain GONE! So listen up people. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Get his book! God bless you Dr. Yass. May your work prosper and spread. So very needed! CK


Dr. Yass,

After our work 2 weeks ago, I “stood square” at yoga for the first time in 20 years.
You asked me to let you know if the whooshing sound in my femoral artery went away- it did! I don’t need to say what a relief that was.
I am bringing my friend to you in two weeks.
Thanks for being a life-changer,
Beverly Sampson


If you would like to set up an appointment for either an in-person evaluation and treatment or Skype session, you can reach me at my email address, drmitch@mitchellyass.com. If you more information about the Yass Method go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com. To view videos go to my Youtube video channel @ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSKB3jQvEmWKjI9k2dbZD9g/videos?view_as=public. See my Facebook page @theYassmethod https://www.facebook.com/TheYassMethod/. End your pain now!! Chronic pain does not have to remain chronic once you understand how to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. GET THE YASS METHOD NOW!!!


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