What a Blessing He and His Book Have Been

Several years ago I happened to see Dr Yass on television. He was telling about the methods he had developed to cure pain. It all sounded very logical and “doable”. He told about the book he had written so that we could use his methods at home. Due to an automobile accident and to my […]

2 testimonials- 1 from 2 years ago and 1 from a few weeks ago

Here are two testimonials from people who used the Yass method to resolve their pain. The first is someone who simply did it on her own using information from my book.  Someone just commented on a video from 2 years ago which led me to find this testimonial so I wanted to share it with […]

The Right Place To Resolve Your Pain: A Gym Not The Doctor’s Office

Most people when they have pain for a sustained period of time which eventually affects their functional capacity will seek assistance in identifying the cause of the pain and resolving it. The world has been coerced into thinking this solution can be obtained through the medical system. It doesn’t matter whether you go to an […]

No Surprise! I Still Treat Patients!

The first question that seems to come from prople who find out about the Yass method is whether I still take new patients. The answer is a joyous and glowing Yes! I am the only medical practitioner in the world with the real method to diagnose the cause of pain. The interpretation of symptoms to […]

Another update on the California trip.

We are still waiting for people to respond regarding the number of visits they are interested in receiving through treatment of the Yass method. If you are considering getting treatment while I am in California, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address treesoflife904@gmail.com. We need to know how many people are looking for […]

If your pain persists after treatment, the wrong tissue has been treated!

If you have pain and you seek medical attention and a medical practitioner diagnoses you and performs a treatment procedure or surgery and your symptoms persist after, you have no alternative but to recognize that the wrong tissue was treated. This sad tale occurs daily worldwide and must be recognized for what it really means. […]


The time has come for me to travel to the west coast to bring my special and unique approach to properly diagnosing and treating pain. If you have been suffering in pain with no answers other than pain medication, surgery or just being left to suffer, this is your chance to get the right diagnosis […]