21 year old with 4 years of back pain already? The Yass method needs to become the standard of care to end this insanity!

Here is a testimonial from a 21 year old young man who was put through the standard invalid diagnostic tests and treatment rendering him incapable of performing most functional activities and having to suffer with back pain for 4 years.

This is disgraceful and a true indictment of the ineptness of the exisiting medical approach to diagnosing and treating pain.

If this story sounds similar to yours, that is not surprising. The system is standard  worldwide. There is no attempt to understand your symptoms. It is simply get an MRI, find a strucutural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis or meniscal tear and treat the finding. The worst part of the situation is using the Yass method to interpret your symptoms would indicate that the structural variation identified could NEVER create your symptoms. That is why all treatments fail and you end up with the same or increased symptoms. Muscular causes which account for more than 95% of cases of pain will never show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialty designed to identify these causes.

The only way to get the same results as this gentlemen is to use the Yass method. For more information go to www.mitchellyass.com or email at drmitch@mitchellyass.com

Visiting Dr. Yass in his Florida-based clinic is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’m a 21-year-old college student, and for the past four years, I’ve had severe lower back pain. It all started during my junior year of high school, when I was just getting into weightlifting. I focused on compound movements, like squats and deadlifts, but occasionally, I would feel a sharp pain in my lower back. I initially thought nothing of it, but the pain became more and more common. It was triggered whenever I bent forward to wash my face or pick up my backpack. I decided to see a renowned spinal surgeon to figure out the cause of my pain, and I was told that I had two bulging discs in my lower back that were causing the pain. Worst of all, he told me that the pain would never go away – that when a disk is out of place, it’s out of place forever. For the next three years, I saw countless amounts of experienced doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, and physical therapists. Everyone told me the same thing: it’s never going to get better, and all you can do is stop it from getting worse. I was scared and sad, because I thought that my life would be changed forever. I was told to never run, to never lift weights, and to avoid sports.

It was during my third year of college when my parents told me about Dr. Yass. I watched his PBS special and read about the Yass Method, but I was initially skeptical. How could all the doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists be wrong? Regardless, I made plans to visit Dr. Yass, hoping that I would be able to recover. Within my first two hours with Dr. Yass, I made more progress that I had over the past four years. He identified that my problem was muscular, not structural, and I could fix my back pain by selectively strengthening muscles to correct imbalances. It was an emotional moment for me – I was hopeful that I could run and play sports again. Over the past few months, I’ve been applying the Yass Method every day by strengthening and stretching muscle groups to correct imbalances. I’m elated to say that I’m almost 100% recovered, and I’m back to being physically active and fit.

-Vijay Manohar

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