Trust needs to be earned when treating chronic pain: the Yass method deserves your trust; the existing model does not!

You should never give your trust blindly; even to the medical system just because the practitioner has graduated from medical school and wears a white coat. For most medical specialties like cardiology and emergency care, the results have been fantastic and trust is deserved. In the area of chronic pain, the results are disastrous and all assemblage of trust should be lost. It doesn’t take much more than a look at family, friends and co-workers to see the failed surgeries and individuals addicted to prescription pain medication. Then there are the millions who have been told that there is nothing that can be done for them any further. The number of people suffering from chronic pain continues to rise.

The most primary aspect of how a diagnosis is derived namely the MRI is completely invalid identifying structural variations such as herniated discs, stenosis and arthritis that has nothing to do with the cause of your pain. You have a greater than 90% chance of being misdiagnosed if the MRI is the primary mechanism used to identify the tissue eliciting your symptoms. At what point do you turn away from the existing system due to a complete lack of trust? What will it take; another failed surgery, another insane procedure like a radiofrequency ablation (burning a nerve) or rhizotomy (severing a nerve)? Maybe its the knowledge that there is an alternative with a proven track record of over 2 decades that ignores the results of MRIs and uses the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms to properly identify which tissue is eliciting the symptoms being experienced. This is exactly the way the body wants the cause of the symptoms to be identified. This is the Yass method and it has earned the trust of thousands nationally for achieving the goal of resolving their symptoms and returning them to full functional capacity.

Isn’t it time give up on the failed existing system that never proved itself worthy of your trust and check out the Yass method which yearns to earn your trust both by presenting a logical, analytical theoretical basis and a clinical history of unrivaled success. Learn more about the Yass method at or email me at

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