Another update on the California trip.

We are still waiting for people to respond regarding the number of visits they are interested in receiving through treatment of the Yass method. If you are considering getting treatment while I am in California, please contact my wife Lisa at her email address We need to know how many people are looking for treatment as well as how many sessions they are looking for during this period of time. We recommend at least three consecutive days of treatment to maximize the understanding and benefit of the Yass method.

If you are interested in getting treatment and you are not located in San Francisco or Los Angeles, I highly recommend you obtain treatment at my office in Saint Augustine, Florida. Another option is to obtain a Skype computer evaluation and treatment if you feel it is too much to get to my office.  The fact is that the existing model almost guarantees misdiagnosis by the use of MRIs to identify the tissue eliciting your symptoms. Anyone who has been treated and continues to have the same if not greater symptoms must recognize that the wrong tissue is being treated and therefore any further treatment will do nothing to decrease your symptoms or return you to full functional capacity.

The idea that simply because a structural variation has been identified by the MRI warrants some sort of intervention is insane, dangerous and the core reason that nobody is getting better. The Yass method interprets The bodies presentation of symptoms along with some simple physical tests to accurately identify the tissue eliciting the symptoms. In more than 95% of cases that tissue is muscle. No diagnostic test nor medical specialty is in a position to identify these clauses.

It is time to end your chronic pain. A core understanding of the Yass method is that in most cases chronic pain is nothing more than misdiagnosed acute pain.  If you want to return to a full functional capacity and have the life you just leave deserve, get the Yost method and your torment. You will be happy. Your loved ones will be happy. Anybody involved in your life will be happy.

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