If your pain persists after treatment, the wrong tissue has been treated!

If you have pain and you seek medical attention and a medical practitioner diagnoses you and performs a treatment procedure or surgery and your symptoms persist after, you have no alternative but to recognize that the wrong tissue was treated. This sad tale occurs daily worldwide and must be recognized for what it really means. The inability to properly diagnose what tissue is eliciting your symptoms must be understood to be the coolers of persistent pain after treatment. If this occurs to you, end all connection to the medical practitioner performing these invalid and unnecessary procedures.

The Yass method utilizes the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms to properly and effectively identify what tissue is eliciting your symptoms. In more than 95% of cases the tissue is muscle. Muscular causes do not show up on diagnostic tests nor are there any medical practitioners in a position to diagnose these causes. This is why the wrong tissue is being identified and treated.

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