The time has come for me to travel to the west coast to bring my special and unique approach to properly diagnosing and treating pain. If you have been suffering in pain with no answers other than pain medication, surgery or just being left to suffer, this is your chance to get the right diagnosis and the right solution to ending your pain and getting back the life you so richly deserve.

The Yass method is founded on the principle that most people are having pain because they try to perform activities against the force of gravity and all the muscles that are responsible for performing the activities are not strong enough or properly balanced. This means that the force output of the muscles is less than the force requirements of the activities. This causes muscles to strain and elicit pain or cause another muscle to breakdown and elicit pain or cause the joint surfaces that the muscles attach to become misaligned and elicit pain at joints. The point is that the primary tissue eliciting pain is muscle. In fact in more than 95% of cases my two decade experience has proved the tissue associated with the eliciting of the symptoms being experienced was muscle and that with the Yass method targeted strength training program utilizing progressive resistance exercise the symptoms could be fully resolved and the person returned to full functional capacity.

The key to understanding why the existing model is not working for you is because muscular causes can not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any specialist educated to identify these causes. As a result more than 90% of people will be misdiagnosed. This is what leads to invalid and improper treatment protocols including surgeries, pain medications and the growing use of radiofrequency ablation (burning nerves) and rhizotomy (severing of nerves).
The existing system is clearly failing from a systemic point of view. Don’t be another statistic! The Yass method interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms along with a few key physical tests to identify which tissue is eliciting the symptoms the body is presenting just as the body wanted it to be done. Pain is the body’s attempt to create conscious awareness of a tissue in distress. The Yass method listens to the body and to you; the patient to understand what is going on and how to properly identify the tissue in distress.

I will be in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Novermber 14th to the 19th which is a Monday to a Saturday. If you are interested in being treated, please contact my wife, Lisa at She makes all my appointments. We will have further information about where I will be treating coming soon.

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