No Surprise! I Still Treat Patients!

The first question that seems to come from prople who find out about the Yass method is whether I still take new patients. The answer is a joyous and glowing Yes! I am the only medical practitioner in the world with the real method to diagnose the cause of pain. The interpretation of symptoms to indentify the tissue in distress causing the symptoms is the primary mechanism used in the Yass method. This is in complete opposition to the existing medical model of using diagnostic tests like MRIs or x-rays which find structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis or arthritis which are independent to the cause of pain in more then 95% of cases.

Having the unique ability to properly diagnose people means that I have an absolute responsibility to reach as many people as possible to give them the chance to resolve their pain and regain the quality of life that has been stolen by the medical establishment.

This means being accessible to all those seeking guidance. My office is in St Augustine Florida about 20 minites south of Jacksonville. If you seek an appointment you simply have to contact my wife Lisa at her email address: She handles all appointments and will answer any questions as well as assist in any arrangements. I am also available by Skype computer session. I have started traveling to different cities around the country to try to reach more people. This coming week I will be in San Francisco and the first week in December I will be in Los Angeles.

I have authored 2 books, Overpower Pain and The Pain Cure Rx. Both are great reference sources to understanding how to diagnose the cause of pain. I have a you tube page, a facebook pafe and now a soundcloud page to store podcasts. All of the information on these sources is free.

if you are in pain after being treated it is because the weong tissue has been treated; PERIOD. There is no other answer regardless of what a medical practitioner tries to tell you. Muscle strain is the primary cause of pain. The medical establishment cannot identify this as a cause which leads to the wring tissue being treated.

I am available. I am not hiding my distain for a system that keeps people as captives, not patients. The ball is in your court. You have to decide if you need to walk away from the exisitng model and move to the Yass method. They surely are more then content to keep you as part of the system for as long as you are willing to stay. If you want more information go to my website: or email me ar

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