Please finalize your appointments for the San Francisco trip.

I will be in San Francisco treating patients next week from Monday, November 14 through Friday, November 18. There are still a couple of people who have requested to be seen but have not finalized their appointment schedules. Please contact my wife Lisa at her email address:  to schedule all appointment times. It is unusual for me to make it to the West Coast so I would like to maximize the opportunity to treat as many patients as possible while I am in San Francisco. If you have not contacted Lisa yet regarding an appointment, if you could do so in the next couple of days I would greatly appreciate it. We are trying to fill as many slots as possible to make available as much time as possible so everyone who is interested in getting treated can do so.

For those of you who are not in the San Francisco area, if you would like to be treated, you can make an appointment to be treated at my office in St Augustine, Florida or schedule a Skype computer of valuation and treatment.   The important thing is that you utilize the Yass method to properly identify the cause of your symptoms.

Most of you have attempted treatment through the existing medical model and have recognized it is grossly flawed primarily based on the initial diagnosis coming from MRIs which are completely invalid. In fact the use of the MRI is the primary mechanism to diagnose the cause of pain must be abolished and replaced with the Yass method.

Hopelessness  and despair does not have to be the end point for those of you suffering with chronic pain. Just remember that pain is an indication of a tissue in distress and the goal of diagnostics is to properly identify the distressed tissue. If you have been diagnosed and treated and pain persists there is no alternative but to acknowledge that the wrong tissue has been treated. In more than 90% of  cases the wrong treatment is treated because the wrong tissue has been diagnosed improperly by the MRI.

The Yass method interprets the presentation of the body’s symptoms to properly identify the tissue eliciting that symptoms. All possible tissues that can create symptoms can be identified with the Yass method. The MRI cannot identify muscular causes which have been proven to be the cause of pain in more than 95% of cases.

It’s time to go beyond the existing medical model and find the only true mechanism that can properly diagnose and treat your pain. That is the Yass method. Get your life back now.

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