The Right Place To Resolve Your Pain: A Gym Not The Doctor’s Office

Most people when they have pain for a sustained period of time which eventually affects their functional capacity will seek assistance in identifying the cause of the pain and resolving it. The world has been coerced into thinking this solution can be obtained through the medical system. It doesn’t matter whether you go to an orthopedist, neurologist, chiropractor, physical therapist, podiatrist, rheumatologist or any other medical specialist, you have been led to believe one of these medical specialist has the education and training to resolve your pain and return you to normal function. Here is the cold hard truth. YOUR PAIN IS NOT MEDICALLY BASED; IT IS FITNESS BASED. Through the advent of the MRI, you have been showed pictures of structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, compression fractures, meniscal tears, labral tears and host of other scary sounding conditions. Because these are identified for the first time while you are having pain, it is asserted that the cause is the identified structural variation. This is a lie; a fallacy. It is based on correlative theory which is the equivalent of me saying that if you open your door when the sun rises you can now say that opening the front door causes the sun to rise. Most people have seen the failing results of this system. The failure rate for back surgery is more than 70%. The medical system coined the diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for most people who have the same symptoms after surgery as before. The failure rate for joint replacement has led to the meteoric rise in joint replacement revision surgery. More than 22 million people are now addicted to prescription pain medication because their pain could not be resolved through the existing medical model. The number of people suffering from chronic pain has not stop rising since the MRI began to be used as the primary mechanism for identifying the cause of pain.

The reality is that the existing system is flawed for one reason;┬áthe MRI┬áleads to diagnoses that give the appearance that medical care is required to resolve your symptoms. The truth is that the real cause of pain in more than 98% of cases is muscular and requires a solution that can be found in a gym; not a physician’s office. The overriding reason people suffer from pain is because there is a force requirement in performing our activities due to gravity and our muscles must create a certain force output to allow us to perform these activities. If the force output is less than the force requirement, the muscles strain and elicit pain, or they refer pain and other symptoms or they can impinge on a nerve and the nerve refer a symptom. Most people can connect their symptoms to performing an activity which basically is saying that the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms is muscle. Even when pain is felt in a joint like the knee, this does not mean that the pain is coming from a structural variation to a structure of the knee. It means that the forces of the muscles that connect to the joint have been altered either by strain or imbalance and this is leading to a misalignment of the joint surfaces. The only way to correct the pain is to correct the force output deficits of the muscles. The reason for chronic pain is because the idea of the cause of pain being from muscle is foreign to the medical system. Therefore you get treated for everything but the muscles responsible for the pain. As long as the force output of the muscles continues to remain less then the force requirements, you have pain.

The Yass Method is the only method that utilizes the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress. Muscle, bone or nerve all create very specific symptoms. The interpretation of the symptoms helps to identify the tissue in distress. Once identified the correct intervention can be employed to resolve the distress and the tissue no longer has to elicit the emergency distress signal of pain. Because I have determined that in more than 98% of cases the cause of pain is muscular, it is clear that the best place to address muscular weakness, imbalance or flexibility deficits is in a gym. I have decided that the best way to spread the Yass Method and make it more accessible is by making the Yass Method available in gyms. The goal is to reach gym owners and make them realize that the implementation of the Yass Method in their gyms benefits all parties. I have the ability to treat people in the appropriate setting getting them the correct treatment so they can resolve their symptoms and return to full functional capacity in the shortest period of time. The gym owner will be able to have more personal training sessions derived because after my initial treatment, the correct exercise and the use of progressive resistance to gain strength in the appropriate muscles needs to be carried out by trainers who are trained by me to provide the recommended exercises accurately with the appropriate frequency. As awareness of the use of the Yass Method at the gym expands, people will come to the gym for treatment who have no gym affiliation. This will allow the gym owner to grow memberships. My hope is that these type of people who have never been to a gym will see the value of the exercise in resolving their pain but also see it in maintaining a higher level of fitness which prevents against disease development. This hopefully will lead to the creation of an exercise regime that is seen as important as brushing your teeth or proper nutrition. So the gym owner wins by getting more memberships and personal training sessions. I win by getting people out of pain and to an improved functional level. And people win because they finally have a true path to resolve their pain and returning to full functional capacity. But also see the value in having a continuing strength training program that keeps their bodies in shape so they require less medical care.

This is the new direction for the Yass Method. I hope people who are in gyms or gym owners that may see this post are excited about the idea of finally having a place to go where you will be able to resolve your symptoms, return to full function and begin a fitness program to limit medical care and medical care costs. If this sounds like something you would like in your area, you can contact me at my email address; I am already implementing this model in a gym on Amelia Island in Florida and it is working so well. If there are other opportunities to connect with gyms in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area that would be the simplest to implement. Quite simply my intent is to steal the issue of pain away from the medical system which has people held captive for as long as they are willing to be treated or medicated. Clearly the system is a failure and most people continue with the charade strictly because they don’t realize there is an alternative. Let’s take back the issue of pain together. Let’s get people to the right place with the right people so they can end the nightmare of chronic pain which destroys lives and leads to hopelessness and disillusionment. It simply doesn’t have to be this way.


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