What a Blessing He and His Book Have Been

Several years ago I happened to see Dr Yass on television. He was telling about the methods he had developed to cure pain. It all sounded very logical and “doable”. He told about the book he had written so that we could use his methods at home. Due to an automobile accident and to my work, I have been having many problems throughout the years. I immediately ordered his book. It has been wonderful! I have used it for hip problems, knee problems, shoulder problems and am now in the process of working on my back. He has even helped me directly by answering an email I sent. I am so grateful to him and for him.

Thank you again,
Sherrill Stidham


Yesterday I received a call from this woman. I am always available to answer questions about how to resolve their symptoms because I believe this is my calling. She had a question about gluteal region pain and how to follow the instructions in one of my books in determining which are the right muscles to strengthen. I answered her question and she thanked me and then said that I had been a “life saver” in her life. I had to ask what she meant by this. She told me this story and I was flawed and humbled as I always am. I asked her if she could put this into a testimonial as I want people to hear not just from me regarding the theoretical principles as to why the Yass Method is the only legitimate method to diagnose and treat pain but to hear from people who used it. What makes this one special is that I never met this person in my life. She simply used the book to properly diagnose the muscles eliciting her symptoms and went ahead and resolved the cause of her symptoms in multiple areas of her body. I often ponder about the impact I am having on helping people resolve their symptoms and returning back to a full and fruitful life that everyone deserves. These are the little nuggets that warm my soul and let me know there was reason I have gone through what I have over the past 25 years.

If this woman’s experience inspires you to reach out to seek help and to end your chronic pain, you can reach me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com. If you have a family member, friend or coworker stuck in the rut of chronic pain there is a reason. The cause is almost every case is MISDIAGOSIS; the MRI identifying a structural variation which is then asserted to be the cause of the symptoms experienced simply because it was found for the first time at the time of the symptoms. This is insanity! It is the same logic that says if i open my front door when the sun rises i can say that opening up the front door causes the sun to rise. You need the right diagnosis to get the right treatment. Get the Yass Method (www.mitchellyass.com, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSKB3jQvEmWKjI9k2dbZD9g/videos)


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