Dave in shock after he conquers his dream: 1st time he walks out the bedroom door unassisted! Victory for The Yass Method


Understanding Dave’s situation!

Anyone who has visited Dave over the last 4 years, knows the only way you saw him was on his back in bed. After four years of being bedridden, you can see Dave walking out his bedroom door unassisted for the first time. This is and overwhelming success and move towards reestablishing a normal life for himself. I have never been more challenged to achieve a goal then this.

This achievement shows that with the right understanding and commitment most anything can be accomplished. Dave was misdiagnosed and nondiagnosed for a large portion of the 4 years. It wasn’t until i came along using The Yass Method to identify why he had pain at the knee region and had virtually no level of function that he was able to progress to this point. Without the right diagnosis, you have no chance of resolving your symptoms.

It is hard to truly wrap your head around the entirety of what Dave must accomplish. We have been working on Dave being able to stand and walk. This is a focus on simply being able to straighten the knees enough to be able to weight bear and perform weight bearing activities. This is critical because life takes place as you move from one activity to another or one place to another. What is a hidden component of this is what happens between the sessions. This is something i didn’t even fully understand.

When I am finished with Dave after a session he is usually physically and mentally exhausted. There is usually an increase in pain at the lower and mid back. This usually puts Dave back in bed in the exact same place he was for a few days. This means for those days there is no sitting or standing. His muscles simply return to non-use and can weaken again. This almost eliminates all the gains we achieved when performing the exercises. What must be understood and is something that is incredibly foreign to Dave is that he must stay out of the bed at least 8-10 hours a day. And this means sitting in a chair intermittently standing and walking.

Dave’s lifestyle change

This is a huge shift in Dave’s psyche, not just a physical change. Dave will be seeing the world from a different angle, vertical not horizontal. The way he eats will now be different, the way he watches TV and communicates to others will be different. Most importantly access to standing and walking will be different. This is a monumental change for him. His entire physiological system will change and for the better. He will digest his food more efficiently when sitting versus horizontal.

He will have to work hard to sit versus laying down so he will be forced to stay awake for longer periods of time (I am shooting for 8-10 hours). This will force him to reassert a sleep/wake cycle so he will be able to have a normal life cycle being active during the day and sleeping at night. All of this is a part of this process. This is literally not a walk in the park!

If you have been getting treated for a while and are still in pain, maybe think about the idea that although those trying to treat you have the best intentions, they simply don’t have the right education or training to get the job done. I was given this information that i know for a reason and that is to make it available to all those who seek it. if you are in pain, please seek it.

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