“The Pain Police”-1st Episode-Introducing a new show by Dave Lagnado and Dr Mitchell Yass

the pain police

The Pain Police” -We are introducing a new show we are creating which is designed to discuss all the different types of methods, treatments, medication‘s and devices promoted on the internet as having value in resolving pain and returning people to full function. You will get to hear from the perspective of a person seeking pain resolution and one who provides it through his own method. Don’t waste time trying things that were never going to help in the first place just because they were wrapped in a pretty package. For more information about The Yass Method go to livewithoutpains.com.

“The Pain Police” is born

Dave has spent the last 4 years in bed on his back. He has suffered with back pain for 30 years. The guy has been searching the internet looking for answers to resolving his symptoms and allowing him to return to a more normal lifestyle. He has tried a lot of stuff all to fail. Unfortunately they were destined to fail from their inception because there was simply no theoretical basis that they were going to work.

One of the things me and Dave have talked about is the fact that when looking at a product or a service the first thing to be examined is the theoretical basis by which it makes it claim to be able to do what it says it will. This is why you need The Pain Police.

For most of the stuff Dave has looked out there simply was no theoretical basis to say it would work. But Dave is not educated in the area so he simply didn’t know. He is no different then anybody else out there looking to have their pain resolved and their function returned.

The problem is that those out their looking to capitalize on the issue of pain know that just as well. They use your emotions of anxiety, depression and hope to make you purchase a product or a service emotionally not intellectually. That is the scam of almost everything out there. Then they attach a testimonial or two with the words “results not typical” or “paid testimonial” and they now have people who look like you saying the product or service works. it is in my mind immoral. This is why you need The Pain Police.

So over the past 1 1/2 years, Dave and I have been talking about the stuff he has seen We go to the YouTube videos promoting this stuff and we analyze them looking at the ways they try to lure you in and I explain why the product or service doesn’t work due to the lack of theoretical basis of its usage. It has been a fascinating study in sociology for me.

Listening to what Dave has seen and how it reacted to it while understanding things from a theoretical perspective made Dave and I feel that people need someone to defend them against this type of false advertising and promotion. As Dave finds himself coming out of the hole he was in and seeing a future ahead, he feels that he would like to share his insights with those still searching the internet for that illusive answer. This is why we are creating The Pain Police.

We want this to be an interactive program which is why we are going to be performing it on Facebook Live. https://www.facebook.com/TheYassMethod We want people to be able to comment during the show and let us know how they are feeling about what we are talking about. They can describe products or services they tried and discuss the results they had. We want this to be an open discussion

We strongly believe that this forum is the perfect opportunity for those without an understanding of how pain works and how to resolve it, to learn about what is viable in ending their pain and getting back the life they so justly deserve. So please join us for The Pain Police.

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