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Here is a link to a podcast I performed with Sara Hiner, CEO of Bottomline Publishing, Why the Medical System for Diagnosing and Treating Joint Pain Is Broken – with Dr. Mitchell Yass. If you questioning how to properly diagnose the cause of your pain, this podcast will answer that question. Wondering why all your medical visits, treatments and medications have not worked, listen to understand why. Why do so many people suffer from chronic pain? Why are so many people addicted to prescription pain medication? Why are so many people hopeless about living another day without pain? Listen and learn.

This is a wide ranging conversation about what is pain and how it works. We discuss what is wrong with the existing model of trying to utilize diagnostic tests to identify the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. We discuss why existing methods of treatment don’t work and why most people end up either addicted to medication or told that they will live with their pain forever. You will understand why the Yass Method is not simply an alternative treatment model but the only logical diagnostic model for identifying the tissue in distress; the cause of the symptoms being experienced. There will be additional podcasts to follow which will address pain at different areas of the body but for now it is important to understand why without the Yass Method as the means to identifying the cause of your symptoms, there is the highest probability that you will be misdiagnosed and treated. Why does chronic pain exist? One reason; misdiagnosis. The tissue in distress continues to be in distress eliciting the distress signal of pain because the wrong tissue was identified and is being treated.

To listen to the podcast, simply click on the link and hit the subscribe button. There is no cost for this podcast.


If you would like further information or would like to schedule an in-person treatment or Skype evaluation and treatment you can reach me at my email: drmitch@mitchellyass.com. If you want more information you can check out my Youtube channel; https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dr+mitchell+yass or go to my website at mitchellyass.com

Please share this link with family or friends living with chronic pain. Nobody should have to live with chronic pain. This is the chance to get the right diagnosis and right treatment.

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