5 Meaningless diagnoses guaranteed to keep you in chronic pain!

The goal of the medical system and the key to the cultural programming that has existed for the past 30 years is the idea of convincing you that the cause of your pain is a structural abnormality. This is critical to keep you dependent on the medical system because as long as the cause of your pain is structural,  you need the medical system for as long as you are willing to submit. You acknowledge without hesitation that a herniated disc or arthritis is causing your pain without any recognition that there is actually no medical evidence that these structural variations cause pain. You say this because you have been programmed to believe it. Just like for thousands of years people threw rocks at the moon thinking it was an evil spirit. There was no evidence of this being fact; simply a culturally accepted idea. In the early 1900s, it was commonly accepted that lobotomies were a good thing to do for those with emotional issues. Boring holes in people’s heads to resolve headaches was the norm. All of these concepts were culturally accepted at the time but science and time itself eventually proved them to be inaccurate and they ceased to exist. I will assure that within the next 20 years, the MRI will be seen to be a “baseless” method of diagnosing the cause of pain. The numbers prove it is going in this direction. The number of people suffering from chronic pain has never stop increasing over the past 30 years. The failure rates for surgery have led the medical system to crate diagnoses like “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for the fact that so many have the same pain after surgery as before. The number of people who are addicted to prescription pain medication simply continues to rise. It is perverse that the medical system after getting you addicted to prescription pain medication has the audacity to create a new drug for you take to resolve the massive level of constipation that comes from taking opioids. Wow it seems as though this system is a great opportunity to generate more business by providing treatments and medications that require treatments and medications to address the side affects of the first treatments and medications.

The failure rates of the surgeries due to improper diagnosis has spawned completely insane alternatives. Stem cell, plasma replacement, prolotherapy, botox and the list goes on. Failure to resolve your acute pain leads to desperation and a willingness to try “anything”. These treatments are insane having no basis of logic or science behind them. They are designed to resolve your pain by somehow healing the structural abnormalities designated to be causing your pain but the measurement of success is whether your pain decreases after the treatment. The placebo affect states that 20 to 30% of people will think they are better simply by taking sugar water. The sad part is that if you take a logical approach to these “treatments” the measure of success is not in whether pain decreases it is in whether you can show proof that cartilage is grown or osteoarthritis is reversed or a herniated disc is unherniated. That is what you are being told these treatments do. The byproduct would be the reduction in pain coming from the healing of the structural variation. How many of you are getting before and after MRIs or x-rays and being presented that the structural variation is healed after the providing of the treatment? The answer is zero. That is because this is all a sham.

The reality is that the herniated disc, “pinched nerve”, stenosis, osteoarthritis, compression fracture and every other structural abnormality exists whether you are in pain or not, whether you are right hand dominant or left hand dominant, whether you are 6 foot or 5 foot, whether you have brown eyes are blue eyes. These occur because you are not proactive in maintaining strength and balance of the muscles that support your joints including the spine. Forces shift or become excessive and this leads to a very slow progressive decay of the structures of the body. If anybody doesn’t think that if you took an x-ray or MRI of just about any 50 or 60 year or above and you are not going to find some type of structural variation, you are simply not facing reality. This insane joke that since these structural variations are found for the first time when you are having pain and somehow it means they are the tissues eliciting your pain is the worst type of science that exists. There is zero scientific evidence to back up these claims. You are been simply programmed to believe this. What happens when you question the specialist that is providing the diagnosis? They become frazzled and can’t answer your questions. This is what I hear everyday from those who finally find the Yass method as the singular option to the existing model. The goal is simply to keep you dependent for as long as you are willing to remain.

Here are 5 of the worst diagnoses being provided. They have no basis of logic as even being able to cause pain. If you understand this information and have one of these diagnoses, you will now understand why you will never see your pain resolved:

1- Osteoarthritis- One of the granddaddies of medical diagnoses. As I stated you can find just about anybody over the age of 50 or 60 having some form of osteoarthritis so its identification when an x-ray is performed is far from a shock. Fact: osteoarthritis develops when the smooth cartilage that sits at the ends of the ends of the bones that make up a joint wears away due to improper loading of the joint. Eventually bone is exposed and bone is either worn away or excessive bone develops. This process of bone being worn away or growing occurs everyday in your bones. Osteoblasts found in bones cause bone growth and osteoclasts cause bone to be removed. If you have no pain inside your bones with this process occurring why would the same process cause pain outside the parameters of the bone? It doesn’t. The only time an osteoarthritic change would cause pain in a joint is if the space between the bones is eliminated “completely”. This is presented as a joint losing a major loss of range of motion and at the end range it should feel like a bone is hitting another bone stopping further motion. Pain is not an indication of bone on bone. And most importantly an x-ray cannot identify bone on bone. If this is your diagnosis, be ready for a very long ride with chronic pain because you are addressing something that is not causing your pain but can be identified in most people for ever and ever.

2- Herniated disc- This has been programmed into people’s minds for 30 years until it is now part of the “medical” culture. People appose the fact that they have a herniated disc causing their pain as if they have been shown evidence of this. The only evidence shown is the fact that a herniated disc was identified at the time pain is experienced. What if your shirt was unbuttoned at the time the MRI was taken. I guess I can now prove that herniated discs not only cause pain but lead to unbuttoned shirts. Reality check- Disc material is made of fibrocartilage. This material has no pain receptors in them and therefore the disc itself cannot cause pain. Every time you take a step the intervertebral discs are compressed. Imagine pain receptors being in this material. Every step would elicit pain along your entire spine. Another fact- In post-mortem studies in the 1950s it was found that roughly 40% of the population were found to have herniated discs. Can anybody show evidence of a mass level of pain being treated in the 1950s? I am not sure what it will take for you to recognize what is being presented as fact is actually just a cultural programming. Another fact- for most people who have back pain their pain is inches away from the spine. You are told that the pain is “referred” from a herniated disc. That means that the cause is at the spine and referred to several inches off the spine. That means that if you want to incite the symptom you would need to push on the spine at the level of the disc and you would feel it shoot to the area you are experiencing your pain. I will wait and you can try this. I will guess this works for nobody. Now press on the location where you are having your pain and I will bet you can increase your pretty measurably. Congratulations! You just proved that your pain is not “referred” from the spine and magic herniated disc. It is actually being elicited by the tissue where the pain is being experienced; YOUR LOWER BACK MUSCLE.

3-CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)- This is the new name for what used to be called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. I am guessing this is like the change from Global Warming to Climate Change. If you can’t sell a diagnosis simply rename it. Let me make this clear. A diagnosis is designed to identify a tissue in distress which is eliciting the symptoms being experienced. The idea of the diagnosis is to put a name to the cause of the symptoms. A diagnosis provides the tissue that will be getting an intervention to resolve the distress of that tissue. Once the distress of the tissue is resolve, the symptoms cease. This diagnosis roughly says that there is a big area of pain that the cause is unknown. For those that don’t know, the word syndrome means a group of symptoms with an unknown origin. So the medical practitioner that provided this diagnosis is saying by definition that you have a lot of pain and they don’t know what is causing it. But the good news is they have a lot of treatments that they can provide for this thing that they don’t know what it is. If a medical practitioner cannot provide a proper diagnosis indicating the tissue they believe is in distress and what physical presentation makes them believe this, I would strongly recommend not getting treatment. I simply don’t know what the treatment is for. But I am going to guess that since you have been programmed to believe that pain is related to nerves, there is going to be something done to address the neurological system even though there is no evidence of this as the cause.

4- Patellofemoral Syndrome- Notice the last word in the diagnosis; syndrome. The person giving you this diagnosis is openly saying they do not know what is causing your pain. If you think it is a good idea to be treated by this person, so be it. If you are wondering why you have been in pain for years after being treated by this person with this diagnosis, now you know why. This is a popular diagnosis given when the x-ray or MRI can’t find a degenerative mensical tear or osteoarthritis to blame your knee pain on. The perversity here is that the things they like to blame the knee pain that you are experiencing around the knee cap to actually have nothing to do with the knee cap.  A meniscal tear and osteoarthritis they are referring to is in a separate joint between the thigh bone and lower leg bone. It has nothing to do with the joint between the knee cap and thigh bone. So whether you got one of those structural abnormality diagnoses or patellofemoral syndrome as your diagnosis, you are in for a very long wait before you will ever see your pain resolved. Worst part of this is the fact that the position of the knee cap in the knee joint is based almost solely on the pull of the front thigh muscle, the quadriceps. Depending on how muscle pull is created will determine whether the knee cap runs through the knee joint correctly or incorrectly and thus elicits pain. There is simply no medical specialty educated or trained to properly identify this cause. Only the Yass method.

5- Rotator Cuff Tear- If you end of up with shoulder pain you can expect to get an MRI and most likely you will be found to have a rotator cuff tear. And I am guessing the guy or gal who found it will recommend that they perform a surgery to correct this tear. Fact- the vast majority of rotator cuff tears identified are degenerative in nature. They have been occurring for years. It is the result of lack of muscle strength and balance causing the rotator cuff to overload and slowly develop these tears. THESE TEARS DO NOT ELICIT PAIN! Fact- A orthopedist in Florida does a study on 31 professional baseball pitchers with no shoulder pain and pitching at the top of their game. The results indicated that 87% of them had rotator cuff tears and 90% had labral tears (cartilage that surrounds the shoulder). The conclusion was that if you want to do surgery on somebody, just get an MRI. Fact- if you had an acute tear of the rotator cuff you would not be able to raise the arm over shoulder height. So for all of you being told the rotator cuff identified is the cause of your shoulder pain and you have full if not almost full range of motion, by definition you cannot have an acute rotator cuff tear. To create an acute rotator cuff tear there must be a traumatic event. If you can’t remember a specific event then you can’t have an acute rotator cuff tear. If you create an acute tear, there must be bleeding. If you are not having bleeding in the shoulder region, you do not have an acute rotator cuff tear. In fact, the vast majority of cases of pain at the shoulder are the result of a rotator cuff strain. This occurs due to weakness of other muscles involved in shoulder function. Once identified, with progressive resistance targeted strength training, the pan can be resolved and function fully returned.

There you have it. I am giving you facts that are irrefutable. If you finally come to the realization that everything I am presenting is true and you are ready to get the right diagnosis and right treatment, you are ready to move to the Yass method. The Yass method will identify the cause of your symptoms by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms. This is because by understanding the symptoms you can identify which tissue is in distress and eliciting those very symptoms. All possible causes can be identified by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms. I have proven over my quarter of a century of diagnosing and treating pain that the cause is muscular. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. If you would like to make an appointment to get the Yass method or have questions please contact me at my email: drmitch@mitchellyass.com. For more information about the Yass method you can go to www.mitchellyass.com. There is amazing free content at my Youtube page- Dr. Mitchell Yass or my Facebook page- Dr. Mitchell Yass. You can get my books,  The Pain Cure Rx or Overpower Pain at Amazon.com.

It doesn’t matter how you get the Yass method, just get it. If you want to end your pain, you need the right diagnosis and the right treatment. It is time to leave the medical system and get the Yass method.


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