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I hope that the change in the week I will be in Manhattan to treat people in the northeast through the Yass method is not causing too much inconvenience. I changed the week to the following week because my wife was informed that a family event was taken place this week. She has more recently been informed that this is a mistake and that the event is occurring the week of February 26th thru March 2nd. So now I am correcting the correction and I will be in Manhattan the week of February 19th thru 23rd, Monday thru Friday. Each session will be 2 hours long and they can be scheduled between 9 am to 9 pm each day. This should allow a time that is available to all seeking care through the Yass method. The sessions are one-on-one. Each session will consist of an evaluation, if the cause of the pain is confirmed to be muscular then treatment will consist of massage and stretching followed by the demonstration and performance of the recommended targeted progressive resistance strength training exercises. The exercise portion of the session is always recommended to be videotaped for reference in the future so the strength training exercises can be performed with optimal benefits after the treatment is completed.

The key to the Yass Method which separates it from any other method of diagnosing and treating pain is its use of interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify which tissue is in distress and eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. A very basic understanding of pain must be developed to understand how to treat it. Pain is elicited at the inception of distress of a tissue. When a tissue begins to function incorrectly it tries to create conscious awareness of its distress so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of that tissue. The pain is part of the body’s emergency distress signaling system. It is the body’s quickest way to present awareness of distress of a tissue. If the proper tissue is identified and treated in the acute stage of distress, then the need for the pain signal is resolved and pain ceases. That is why chronic pain by definition should never exist. Since the pain is emitted at the inception of distress of the tissue, proper identification and treatment of the correct tissue resolves pain in the acute stage. There is only one reason that chronic pain can exist and that is MISDIAGNOSIS. If the wrong tissue is identified and treated, the true tissue eliciting the symptoms continues to be in distress and pain continues to be experienced. There is simply no other logical reason for chronic pain.

Therefore the way pain is diagnosed must be evaluated to see if it is leading to misdiagnosis. The answer is clear that the MRI does in fact lead to misdiagnosis is more than 90% of cases. The reason is because the MRI simply identifies structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis and meniscal tears. Since these are identified for the first time when pain exists, an assertion is made that these are the cause of the pain. The only rationale for using the MRI is this correlative theory. The problem is that this is a false premise. The obvious question must be asked what if an MRI were taken before pain began? The answer is that the results would be identical. The reason is because these types of structural variations are slow and progressive and take years to develop. You don’t have to be in the medical field to understand this idea. I would think most people would acknowledge that there is a high probability that somebody over the age of 60 has some type of arthritis or structural variation that occurred simply due to wear and tear of the body. Based on this premise if the structural variation is found when the person is in pain then this means that the structural variation could have only developed at the time the pain began because pain always begins at the inception of distress of a tissue. So therefore this person never had the structural variation before the pain began. Does this make sense to anybody? Clearly the structural variation existed before the pain began and if an MRI were taken before the person had pain the results would have been the same. But since the system is designed to only get an MRI when pain exists, the structural variations are only found when pain exists. This is a self fulfilling prophecy. The idea of taking an MRI of most people and finding some type of structural variation when in pain or not should not be shocking to anybody. Attempting to correlate the pain and the structural variation simply because the structural variation is found when pain exists is complete lunacy. It is the treatment of these structural variations that has led to the chronic pain epidemic. These are not the tissue in distress that is why treatment of them does nothing to resolve your pain. Just remember it was these people using this technique to address your pain that had to create the diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for the fact that the pain before the surgery existed the same after the surgery.

If you want to identify the tissue in distress emitting your pain you must understand the presentation of the pain. Each tissue elicits specific symptoms including muscle. In fact I have shown that more than 95% of cases of pain I have treated the cause was muscular. But muscular causes don’t show up on MRIs and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. Therefore the false use of the MRI identifying structural variations that do not emit pain in almost every case and the inability to identify muscular causes is leading you to have to live with chronic pain indefinitely. Get the Yass Method to get the right diagnosis and the right treatment. You don’t have to live with chronic pain any longer. It is time for you to reclaim your life.

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