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I will be in Manhattan the week of February 19th thru 23rd, Monday thru Friday to provide the Yass method to those in the northeast in their own backyard. The sessions are 2 hours long and are one-on-one. The sessions can be scheduled anywhere between 9 am and 9 pm so there should be a time that is good for anybody seeking to get the Yass method to resolve their pain.

It just doesn’t make sense to continue trying the same practitioners and same treatments hoping that the results would be different. The problem lies in the fact that the existing medical system is incapable of identifying the tissue in distress eliciting the very symptoms you are experiencing. That is why the real tissue in distress continues to elicit the pain you are experiencing. Chronic pain can only exist due to misdiagnosis. If the correct tissue is identified and treated during the acute phase of distress when pain is first experienced then pain would be correctly resolved in the acute phase. Chronic pain can only exist if the wrong tissue continues to be treated. The reason for chronic pain is the baseless  use of the MRI. The identification of structural variations that existed well before your symptoms did and then treating these structural variations leaves the correct tissue in distress emitting pain. I have proven that in more than 95% of cases the cause of pain is muscular. These types of causes do not show up on diagnostic tests nor is there any medical specialist educated or trained to identify them.

Only through a proper physical evaluation can the proper tissue in distress be identified. This is at the core of the Yass method. If the cause is confirmed to be muscular then a proper series of targeted progressive resistance strength training exercises is all that is needed to resolve the symptoms. 

There is a reason you are still in pain. All the procedures including surgeries and yet you remain in pain. What is the reason? MISDIAGNOSIS.

Get the right diagnosis and the right treatment with the Yass method. to make an appointment or to get further information, please contact me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com

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