A correction on the time for the February trip to Manhattan

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I had posted that i will be in Manhattan to treat patients in the northeast with the Yass Method the week of February 19th thru 23rd. It turns out that I have a family engagement during the week that cannot be missed that I was not aware of. Therefore I am simply changing to the following week for this trip. The new dates are February 26th thru March 2nd, Monday thru Friday. The hours available for each day are 9 am to 9 pm. This should give anybody who is seeking care through the Yass Method an opportunity to receive treatment. The sessions are 2 hours long and are one-on-one. I typically stay at the Homewood Suites at 37th St between 8th and 9th Ave. If you would like to make an appointment for treatment or have further questions you can contact me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com

This is your chance to end your chronic pain. You must understand that chronic pain should not exist. The only reason for it to exist is MISDIAGNOSIS. Pain is elicited by the tissue in distress at the inception of distress of the tissue. Therefore the inception of distress must coincide in timing with the initiation of the pain being experienced. If your pain began 2 weeks ago and you are told that the cause is a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis, meniscal tear or any other structural variation identified on an MRI or x-ray, that is to say that the structural variation must have begun just 2 weeks ago. That is to say that even 2 weeks and 1 day ago it did not exist. This is idiocy. Clearly these types of structural variations takes years to develop as they are slow and progressive in nature. That is why this idea that just because the structural variation is identified for the first time when you have pain means it is the cause of the pain is baseless. Clearly if an MRI or x-ray were taken even a year before the pain began the results would be identical. And if you knew that the structural variation existed for even a year before your pain began how can it be asserted that it is causing your pain? You must come to the realization that the use of diagnostic testing is somewhat of a self fulfilling prophecy. Those using it are seeking to identify a structural variation as the cause of your pain. When it is identified, that is it. It becomes your diagnosis. The fact that it has existed way before your pain began is not even put into the analysis as to whether it is the cause of your pain. The other fact that reaffirms this is the overwhelming evidence that these very structural variations can be found in as many people without pain as with pain. If they are causing the pain as you are being told in your case, then how do you account for as many people with no pain having the same structural variations in almost the same percentages? If they are causing your pain, why don’t all these people have pain and yet have the same structural variations? You have to see this as proof that they in fact are not causing your pain.

What is causing your pain is a muscle weakness or imbalance. I have shown that in more than 95% of cases, the tissue in distress causing pain is muscle. These types of causes don’t show up on diagnostic tests and there is no medical specialty educated or trained to identify or treat them. This is why misdiagnosis is so rampant and the primary reason for chronic pain.

Please take this opportunity to get the Yass Method. The core of the method is its use of the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress emitting the symptoms. This allows all possible tissues to be identified including muscle. You can only resolve your pain if you get the right diagnosis which leads to the right treatment. Get the Yass Method now and End Your Pain NOw.

I have created some podcasts to help provide more information for you to understand about your pain and why it exists. you can ciick on the link to hear them.


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