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Everyday people are given diagnoses for the symptoms they are experiencing and don’t realize that the tissue being identified could never create the symptoms being experienced. The idea of getting a diagnosis is to identify the tissue in distress that is supposedly creating the symptoms being experienced. The primary basis for deriving a diagnosis in the existing medical system is simply taking an MRI or x-ray. If the pain is at the back and a herniated disc, stenosis or a pinched nerve is identified on the MRI at the time the pain is being experienced then that is asserted to be the cause. There is no attempt to interpret the symptoms. It wouldn’t matter where the pain is being experienced. It doesn’t matter whether the structural variation identified can even create symptoms where the symptoms are being experience because the lay person has no concept that each level of the spine creates pain or other symptoms in specific areas. If the symptoms are outside the area that is innervated by the identified structural variation then the structural variation cannot be causing the symptoms. As a lay person you are open to the idea that pain anywhere can be created by any structural variation simply because the structural variation is identified for the first time when you having your pain. That is the ultimate downfall in getting a correct diagnosis and the only reason the existing method of using MRIs to identify the cause of pain continues.

You must understand the connection between the diagnosis and the symptoms. The symptoms that are experienced are elicited at the inception of distress of a tissue. When the tissue is not functioning properly it will elicit a symptom to make you aware of the distress of the tissue. It is part of the body’s emergency protective system. So there must be a direct correlation between the time of the distress of the tissue and the time the pain or other symptoms begins. That is an absolute. So if you start getting pain a week ago and you are told that the cause of your pain is arthritis, a herniated disc, stenosis, a pinched nerve a meniscal tear or labral tear that is to say that that structural variation began a week ago. If you took an MRI a day before your pain began the structural variation would not appear. This is ludicrous. Structural variations take years to develop as they slow in their progression. If you accept the fact that the structural variation identified must have existed before the pain began then how can it be asserted that the pain is coming from the structural variation? If it existed for years and it elicits pain then you should have had pain from its inception. The answer isn’t that it continued to worsen until it caused the pain because studies have shown that there is no connection between intensity of pain and severity of structural variation. There are people with no structural variations who have severe pain and those with severe structural variations with no pain.

You can look at other factors that help to show that the diagnosis doesn’t match the symptoms being experienced. For instance if you connect the creation of or worsening of your symptoms with performing a particular functional activity liking prolonged sitting, standing, kneeling, walking, climbing stairs or reaching, you just proved the cause could not be structural. That would be like saying that if prolonged sitting caused pain, the pinched nerve is only pinched when sitting but when standing or laying it is not pinched. Or when reaching arthritis in the shoulder exists but when your arm is at your side, arthritis disappears. You can see it with other types of obvious indicators. Does your neck pain dissipate with a massage or taking a hot shower? Clearly the cause is muscular. Or you would have to say that massage unherniates a disc or makes stenosis disappear.

You have to recognize that the MRI does not find the cause of pain. It finds structural variations that exist. They take years to develop and don’t elicit symptoms. They are identified at the time you have pain which is the scam to making you believe they are the cause of the pain but can be identified before you have pain and after the pain resolves. Think about this idea. Does a 70 year old person only have arthritis when they are in pain. If the pain began 2 weeks ago, the belief is that 2 weeks and a day the arthritis didn’t exist? Isn’t this insane? Clearly the arthritis existed as part of the aging process and happened to be identified for the first time when the person had pain. But clearly it had existed and was developing for years prior so there is no way to correlate it to the cause of pain. You must see that the diagnosis must represent the tissue in distress that developed the distress at the same time as the inception of the pain.

Clearly muscles straining can occur at any time if you do not have the strength to perform your functional tasks. When you look at where the pain is being experienced in more than 95% of cases the location is where a muscle exists. You will never get this information because the medical specialists you go to to seek assistance are simply incapable of making these types of diagnoses because their education and training simply impedes this from happening. It doesn’t make them bad people. It simply makes them incapable of getting the right diagnosis that allows the right issue to be treated. The Yass method is different and actually interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress. If confirmed to be muscular then a simply series of specific targeted strength training exercises can be implemented to resolve the cause of symptoms in weeks. Without getting the right diagnosis, chronic pain becomes indefinite in its length. Chronic pain can only exist if the wrong tissue is identified and treated while the tissue in distress emitting the experienced remains in distress without the correct intervention. You need the Yass method to end your pain now. To make an appointment to get the Yass method or to get further information, please contact me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com.

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