One Skype away from resolving your pain!

From the first time my PBS special aired in June 2015 till today more and more people are finding out about the only true method to resolve chronic pain; the Yass method. The method is based on over 2 decades of experience treating more than 15,000 patients. At its core is the principle that pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The purpose of the tissue in distress eliciting the symptoms being experienced is to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress of the tissue. Once resolved, the tissue no longer has to emit the emergency signal of distress and the pain simply ceases. It is the ability to interpret the body’s presentation of symptom that allows for the correct tissue to be identified. Every tissue including muscle will emit a very specific set of symptoms and the Yass method can identify the correct tissue every time.

Let’s look at what you are offered through the existing medical model; THE MRI. Everybody in pain gets an x-ray or MRI. It finds structural variations like herniated discs, stenosis, pinched nerves, arthritis, mensical tears and the alike. You have been coerced into thinking that these structural variations are like cancer and require some type of intervention simply because they are identified. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. These structural variations are more like wrinkles. They are deviations from the normal structure of the tissue but the integrity of the structure is still in tact and functions perfectly. These structural variations have existed in your body for years if not decades before you had pain. It is simply the fact that the diagnostic test is taken at the time pain exists that allows the false premise to be created that the strutural variation is the casue of your pain. And if these structural variations cause pain then why to 90% of people over the age of 60 with NO BACK PAIN have bulging or degenerative discs? You have been programmed and the physicians that treat you have been programmed to buy into what is clearly a baseless theory. The failure rate of surgeries, the addiction rates of people to prescription pain medication, the fact that the diagnosis known as “failed back surgery syndrome” had to be created to account for all those still suffering from the same pain after surgery clearly shows the flaws of the system.

You must recognize that there is alternative. The Yass method sits completely outside the existing model. It is the only method who promotes the idea of abolishing the MRI as the primary mechanism for identifying the cause of pain. It is the only method that promotes the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms as the only true way to identify the very tissue eliciting those symptoms. It is the only method designed to be able to identify all possible tissues that can elicit symptoms. Diagnostic tests and almost every specialty is not educated or trained to identify muscular causes which account for over 95% of cases of pain.

Those who have found out about the Yass method have contacted me to see who the Yass practitioner is in their area so they can seek treatment through the method. The sad reality is that I am the only practitioner capable of using this method at this time. Many have come to my office in St Augustine Florida to resolve their symptoms and to reclaim their lives. Many can’t get here. That is why I am putting this post out in the bloggersphere. I want everybody to know that I can provide diagnostic and treatment processes through Skype. Diagnostics are usually achieved through conversing with a person and then having them perform physical tests to help determine which tissue is causing their symptoms. Ths can be done through Skype. If the cause is found to be muscular then I can provide a series of exercises and have the person perform them with me observing through Skype. This has become a very effective method of getting the method out across the globe. I have performed Skype sessions for people in London, England, Guartijara Mexico and Quebec Canada as well as around the USA.

If you are seeking an understanding of what is causing your pain so you can regain your function and reclaim your life, this is your chance. One single Skype session can set you free from chronic pain and provide the path to a pain-free fully functional life. Why would you wait any longer. If you want further information about how Skype sessions work or how to set up an appointment, please contact me at my email address:

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