Like sheep to the slaughter they go unknowing!

Every person in pain enters the medical establishment with the belief that the understanding of what causes their pain exists. This is the ultimate falacy. This is why chronic pain exist for 130 million Americanas and 1 billion people worldwide. This is why 22 million Americans are addicted to prescription pain medication. This is why radiofrequency ablation (buring) nerves is growing in popularity along with rhizotomy (severing nerves).  This is why the majority of back surgeries fail. This is why the number of revisions of hip and knee replacements has risen meteorically. This is why the cost of treating chronic pain has gone from 70 billion dollars in 2002 to 635 billion in 2011 and is still growing (it is more then the cost of treating cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease combined). This is why productivity in the workplace is plummeting. This is why suicide, divorce and depression are all rising in numbers.

The fact is that the MRI is completely baseless in identifying the cause of pain. Just look at it from a logical perspective, not a medical one. If your pain begins 2 weeks before getting an MRI and a structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis or a mensical tear is found, the attempt is made to correlate the structural variation and the pain simply because the structural variation was found for the first time when the pain began. If the structural variation is the cause of pain then that means it did not exist before the pain began. This means that if the pain began 2 weeks ago and an MRI was taken 2 weeks and a day ago, the structural variation would not be found. Only someone completely insane or having no sense of logic would believe this would be the case. Structural variations take years if not decades to develop. That means if an MRI were taken even a year before your pain began the structural variation that has been determined to be the cause of your pain existed would have been seen on that MRI. That’s right, the structural variation would have been seen on an MRI a year before your pain began. If that is the case, how can anybody attribute the pain to the structural variation. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter.

Next think about this fact, if these structural variations cause pain, then people with no pain should not have structural variations. One study showed that over the age of 60, 90% of people with NO BACK PAIN were found to have bulging or degenerative discs. You are being manipulated, like the sheep to slaughter. How about the fact that the American College of Physicians did a study and showed that in over 85% of people with back pain, the pain could not be attributed to a structural variation like a herniated disc or stenosis. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter.

How about the fact that muscular causes cannot be identified by the MRI. So a muscle in spasm in the lower back cannot be identified as the cause of your pain. So if an MRI finds stenosis, the stenosis will be treated for the next 10 years with your pain never resolving and will all the surgeries, medications and treatments and your life in shambles, the medical establishment will simply say they just understand why you still have pain. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter. A muscle imbalance between the quads and hamstrings creating excessive compression of the knee cap causing knee pain will never be identified. But you will be coerced into thinking you are bone on bone and an unnecessary surgery performed. When pain persists, the surgeon will say, I just don’t understand why you are still in pain. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter.

When your piriformis is eliciting pain at the gluteal region and you are coerced into thinking this part of the lower back and you get epidural nerve blocks and the pain persists and the physician says they just don’t understand why the pain persists. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter. Even worse when the piriformis is impinging on the sciatic nerve and you are coerced into believing that sciatic comes from the lumbar spine and you are getting your third fusion and the surgeon says they just don’t understand why you are still in pain. You are being manipulated; like the sheep to the slaughter.

Folks, every one of the  situations I just described I have dealt with a thousand times over.  Every time the person had the best intention of getting their pain resolved but the medical establishment simply couldn’t achieve the goal and for a good reason; they don’t know that they can’t. They have been programmed just like you. The almighty MRI sees all. Follow its findings like one of Pavlov’s dogs. All nice people but all part of the biggest cult every assembled. The medical establishment unknowingly perpetuates a baseless system because they no other system. They are like the three monkeys; see know evil, hear no evil, do no evil. The problem they are taking your lives away from you; one procedure, one medication, one surgery at a time. You don’t know the difference and they don’t know the difference.

If you are reading this post, you have one chance to end the cycle and move toward the only method in the world that actually diagnoses the cause of pain just as the body intended it to be done; The Yass Method. Pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The tissue in distress elicits the symptoms to create conscious awareness of its distress. Pain is part of the body’s protective system. Once the right tissue is addressed and the distress resolved, the body doesn’t need to elict the emergency distress signal and pain ceases. For every one of you who have surgeries and procedures and your pain persists, it simply indicates the wrong tissue was treated. You need to identify the right tissue and the Yass method allows for all tissues to be identified. In fact, in more then 95% of cases of pain, the cause is muscular. This allows the muscle to be treated with the specific and unique form of progressive resistance strength training that is the cornerstone of the treatment provided through the Yass method. Symptoms resolve in days and weeks and full function is returned. The benefits can be sustained by maintaining the proper program developed through the Yass method.

Only the sheep themself can save their live. You have to turn away from the existing system and reach for the Yass method. For more information you can go to my website at, go to my youtube page, dr. mitchell yass, go to my facebook page, dr. mitchell yass. If you have questions or want to make an appointment for treatment you can contact me at my email address;

Share this post. Make it go viral. We need to help each other find another path other then the existing system. I implore you look at the facts and you will see that the Yass method is the only method that makes sense.

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