If you don’t see a big pouch of fluid where you pain is then bursitis cannot be your diagnosis!

Every time you are diagnosed with bursitis as the cause of your pain and you physically don’t see a large pouch of fluid where the pain is being experienced, you are being lied to, period! this retarded notion that an x-ray is needed to see bursitis is ludicrous. A bursa is a pouch of fluid that sits between two tissues to prevent irritation from occurring when they run near one another. If irriation of the bursa were to occur then it would become a large pouch of fluid; like a golf ball, a baseball or a softball. Most cases of bursitis occur to a traumatic injury.

The beauty of the insulting medical profressional giving you this diagnosis is you have no idea whether it is right or wrong and you can easliy be subject to cortisone shots for just about forever. Just remember once given medication to mask a symptom, the cause or tissue emitting the symptom will never be identified so you are subject to chronic pain for life. If you are one of those people who have had chronic pain for years and your diagnosis is bursitis, now you know why you continue to suffer.

Most pain is muscular based and will never be diagnosed because these types of causes don’t show up on diagnostic tests and there is NO medical specialty educated or trained to identify them.

If you want the right diagnosis to avoid living with chronic pain, get the Yass method and end your pain now. Regain your function and reclaim your life!

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