A common theme amongst the people I treated in New York

This past week I had a very successful trip to New York to treat patients who decided they wanted to try the Yass method for resolving their symptoms and returning them to full function. The great thing about my method is that I can see a continuous pattern among all the people I saw. Everybody had pain or altered sensation in a certain location of the body from the neck to the foot and everybody was told it was from some structural variation thas was identified on a diagnostic test like an x-ray or MRI. Everybody tried treatments including surgeries that did nothing to alter the symptoms but in fact seem to increase the intensity of the symptoms. Everybody was frustrated and confused about what was causing the symptoms so nobody they had seen prior to me could be a plausible answer for the cause of the symptoms.

Most were taking medications of one sort of another with the understanding that they were at best minimizing the symptoms. All came to me without the sense that muscle was the tissue responsible for their symptoms and dysfunction. It is the paradign set up by the medical estabilshment. Muscle is the invisible tissue because straining, imbalance, muscle referring symptoms or muscle straining and impinging on nerves that refer pain (such as sciatica) can never show up on a diagnostic test and there is literally no medical specialty educated or trained to identify these types of causes. So if you have a strained lower back muscle creating pain at the lower back and an MRI finds stenosis, you are getting treated for stenosis for the next decade. When your pain is unresolved after multiple surgeries and both you and the surgeon are baffled by this, you can look to the fact that the tissue eliciting the pain was never identified and treated. If you have a muscle imbalance or strain altering the position of the knee cap leading to pain at the knee and the surgeon falsely tells you are bone on bone and you get a joint replacement but still have the same pain after and both you and the surgeon are baffled, you can look to the fact that the wrong tissue was identified and treated and the right cause was never identified. The false diagnoses of rotator cuff tears versus strains, the false diagnoses of labral tears and arthritis at the hip versus a muscle strain leading to groin pain and the worst diagnosis of all structural variations at the lumbar spine leading to sciatica versus the real cause of the piriformis muscle in the gluteal region impinging on the sciatic nerve due to a stained hip muscle has all of you being treated in ways that will never resolve your symptoms or return you to full functional capacity. In fact in most of your cases you see your functional capacity decreasing because the treatments you receive lead to pain and an inability to weight bear more fully which leads to weakness and a greater straining of the muscles responsible for the symptoms.

One person actually was diagnosed with a fracture in the foot as the cause of the pain. The x-ray noted a chronic fracture which clearly indicated this was an old fracture and was most likely degenerative meaning it couldn’t be the cause of the existing pain and yet 2 surgeons wanted to do surgery on her foot. The Yass method evaluation identified specific muscles that prevented her from weight bearing properly on her foot. This is what was leading to the pain. With the appropriate treatment to the muscles associated with the symptoms and dysfunction, she left the treatment painfree and fully able to weight bear on the foot. If she had had that surgery there is a high probability that she would have never been able to weight bear properly again.

You have to realize that the system is broke and baseless. It is failing as a whole not just you. My method falls completely outside the medical system because it looks for the cause of symptoms based on the body’s presentation of symptoms versus the baseless use of the MRI. You have been programmed to believe that herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis and the alike are like cancer and require an intervention simply because they have been identified. That is the biggest lie every perpetuated on mankind in the area of health and medicine. These structural variations are just like wrinkles which require no intervention and although a structural variation is clear has not altered the strutural integrity of the skin. It still works to protect you as designed.

These people got the chance to experience the enlightened understanding that proved their pain could be resolved and their functional capacity restored. I realize it takes a lot for somebody to move away from what alot of people are saying is the right path. But words are meaningless when the evidence is so clear. Try the Yass method. To get more information about the method go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com, facebook page at dr mitchell yass or youtube page at dr mitchell yass. To contract me for further information or to schedule an appointment, email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com.


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