Back in Manhattan for treatment and media- July 10-14th!

Hello all. I have been asked to come to the northeast for a media event which always opens up the door for me to treat people looking to resolve their symptoms through the Yass method who might find it difficult to make it down to my office in St. Augustine, Florida. I will be in Manhattan from July 10-14th, Monday thru Friday. If you are having sustained pain and see no path to resolving your symptoms, this is your chance to experience the only true method of diagnosing and treating chronic pain.

The existing model is baseless. The use of the MRI to identify the cause of your pain will never work. The structural variations found such as herniated discs, stenosis, pinched nerves, mensical tears, arthritis and the alike were all there long before your pain began. The fallacy is created when the MRI is taken for the first time only when you are in pain so the identification of the structural variation occurs while you are in pain. This is the way you are coerced into thinking that the structural variation is the cause of the pain. The fact is that if the MRI were taken a year before your pain began, the results would have been identical. You can also look at the fact that if these structural variations cause pain then why do 90% of people with no back pain over the age of 60 have bulging or degenerative discs. Also another study showed that of those with back pain, 85% could not have their back pain attributed to a spinal abnormality like a herniated disc or stenosis.

The population has been programmed to believe that these structural variations are like cancer and require an intervention to address them simply because they are identified. This is complete and utter nonsense. They are more like wrinkles which exist and create no symptoms and therefore require no intervention. The problem for the masses is that the medical establishment has been programmed to believe this. That is why even with the massive failure rates of surgeries, the need to create the diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” to account for these failures, the 22 million Americans addicted to prescription pain medication, the number of people suffering from chronic pain now in the US topping 130 million and 1 billion worldwide, the process continues. You have a 90 to 95% chance of being misdiagnosed as soon as you enter the existing medical model and start your path with a diagnostic test. This is a path to terminal chronic pain and dysfunction. Only you can make the decision to step away from the existing model and try something different.

The Yass method works on a completely different theory. It is based on the idea that pain is an indication of a tissue in distress. The purpose of the pain is to create conscious awareness of the distress of the tissue so an intervention can be performed to resolve the distress. Once resolved, the body no longer has to elicit the emergency protective mechanism of eliciting pain and it ceases. The symptoms being elicited are literally coming from the tissue in distress so if you can interpret the symptoms it tells you which tissue is in distress. In more than 95 to 98% of cases, the tissue is muscle. These types of causes do not show up on any diagnostic test nor is there any medical specialty educated or trained to identify them. This is why they end up never being determined to be the cause. A lower back muscle in spasm or in the gluteal region will never be identified. Pain at the knee from a muscle imbalance causing a misalignment of joint surfaces will never be identified. Muscle strains at the shoulder or neck will never be identified. Groin pain from a strained muscle will never be identified. Sciatica itself is from a muscle in the gluteal region impinging on the sciatic nerve. It is a muscular cause creating a neurlogical symptom will never be identified. The only way to get the right diagnosis is through the Yass method.

If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, you can contact me at my email address: If you want to get more information about the Yass method go to, youtube- dr. mitchell yass or facebook- dr. mitchell yass. For those not in the tristate area, I am performing Skype computer evaluations to achieve the same results of getting the right diagnosis and when found to be muscular, implementing the correct progressive resistance strength training program to resolve the symptoms and return you to full functional capacity.

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