Neuropathy- a baseless diagnosis

Pain or altered sensation in the hands or feet can lead to the diagnosis of neuropathy. This is a baseless diagnosis typically given by a neurologist when nothing shows up on an MRI scan of the spine or if the person happens to be diabetic. The problem with the diagnosis is that it promotes an theory that nerves decay individually as based on the phrase neuro meaning nerve and pathy meaning pathology. The reality is that individual nerves do not decay unless traumatically altered like being cut with a sharp object.

There are systemic diseases that alter the neurologic system but the symptoms are global. Diabetic neuropathy is given indicating that the decay in nerves is from diabetes, an inability of sugar to be passed through to cells due to either the lack of production of insulin or a lack of sensitivity of insulin to pass through into the cell. For most of the people I have treated with this diagnosis, the quality of their skin and the indication of good blood supply in the area they were having their symptoms made this diagnosis appear invalid. This systemic disease cannot only affect one tissue. If diabetes is present in an area to affect nerves, they it must also affect the skin and circulation. This is just another generic diagnosis given by a medical system incapable of understanding the cause of symptoms.

Another popular diagnosis for altered pain or altered sensation which falls into the same baseless cause as neuropathy is complex regional pain syndrome. By definition the phrase syndrome indicates symptoms with an unknown cause. This again indicates the lack of capacity to identify the cause of symptoms and a willingness to make up diagnoses simply to meet the requirement so medications can be provided.

The more sensible answer to these symptoms is that either a muscle has strained and is impinging on a nerve creating a neurological symptom or a muscle is actually referring the symptom itself. The key to identifying the right tissue is through the interpretation of the symptoms especially it’s location and what types of things increases the symptoms and what makes them better. This is part of the Yass method. The Yass method is the only method I am aware of that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress which is actually eliciting the symptoms being experienced.

If you want to end your symptoms, the only way is to get the right cause and treat it. Diagnoses like neuropathy and complex regional pain syndrome prevent this from happening and simply move you toward a lifetime of medication which only attempts to mask the symptoms. You have to be smart enough to see that the existing model is broken. It’s method of diagnosing is baseless and these types of diagnosis make this fact completely clear.

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