My Monthly Trip to New York For Treating Through The Yass Method

That time is arriving again when I make my monthly pilgrimage to Manhattan, New York to treat people suffering with chronic pain and other symptoms. This trip has become a key part of my outreach to make the Yass Method accessible to as many people as possible. I love coming to Manhattan because it is so accessible from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and even as far south as Philadelphia. I will be in Manhattan from August 21st thru 25th, Monday thru Friday. Appointments begin at either 8 or 9 am and run two hours per session. I have hours as late as 7-9 pm.

For those not familiar with the Yass method, it is the only method that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to properly identify the tissue in distress that is actually eliciting the very symptoms being experienced. Just like the heart emits pain at the left chest and arm when having a heart attack, the kidney emits pain at the lower back, the lungs emit pain at the upper back when pneumonia is present, tissues at the neck, back and extremities do the same. The problem with the existing medical model of utilizing the MRI as the primary mechanism to identify the cause of symptoms is that the structural variations identified such as herniated discs, stenosis, pinched nerves, meniscal tears or arthritis and the alike existed way before your symptoms began. These are slow progressive degenerative processes that take years if not decades develop. The scam of the system is that the MRI is taken only at the time the symptoms are being experienced. So the attempt to correlate the structural variation to the symptoms is asserted. The obvious question that had to be asked was what would the MRI show if it were performed a months if not years prior to the symptoms beginning? And the only logical answer is it would have been identical. Knowing that the structural variations identified on the MRI existed years prior to your symptoms beginning there is no possible way to assert they are the cause of your symptoms. Of course you can then look at those who do not have pain and it was found that over 90% of those with no back pain over the age of 60 have bulging or degenerative discs. Another study show of those with knee pain 63% had meniscal tears while of those with no pain 60% had meniscal tears.

Regardless of the information provided to you by any medical specialist when looked at from a logical and analytic perspective, it is clearly baseless. Now this specialist providing this information to you with on logical reasoning actually believes that what they are presenting is the facts because this is what they were educated and trained to do. Evidence is the true indicator of validity. There is a more than 70% failure rate for back surgeries. The diagnosis “failed back surgery syndrome” was created by the medical establishment itself to account for people having the very same pain after surgery as before. 22 million Americans are addicted to prescription pain medication. The number of revisions of hip and knee replacements grows geometrically. The number of people suffering with chronic pain has grown to over 130 million in the US and over 1 billion in the world.

This is clearly not evidence of a successful methodology. The Yass method by interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms which is being elicited by the very tissue in distress looking for an intervention to resolve the distress of the tissue presents with a near perfect level of success in resolving people’s pain and returning them to full functional capacity. The secret is in the fact that the Yass method is the only method with a theoretical basis why people have pain. It is related to the fact that every time you perform a task you are working against gravity. That means every muscle responsible for assisting in performing that activity must be able to create the equivalent force output. If all muscles are not strong enough then a muscle will strain and can elicit pain. It can cause another muscle to try to compensate and it strains or the muscle can strain and refer symptoms or impinge on a nerve and it refers symptoms or it can cause a misalignment of joint surfaces of the joint the muscles attach to leading to joint pain. Everyone of these muscular causes accounts for more than 95 to 98% of cases of pain. And the worst part is that there is simply not a simply medical specialty educated or trained to identify these types of causes. They do not show up on any diagnostic tests including the MRI. You are simply going to a medical system that is blind and deaf to the primary cause of pain and altered sensation. But I probably don’t have to tell you that. If you are suffering with chronic pain it is because you had misdiagnosed acute pain. And it will continue to be misdiagnosed as long as you continue with the medical establishment; regardless of the type of specialist you see.

If you want to get more information about the Yass method, go to To get free content go to my youtube page at dr. mitchell yass or my Facebook page at dr. mitchell yass. If you have questions about the Yass method or want to make an appointment contact me at my email address: If you are not in the tristate area and seek care through the Yass method, my office is in St. Augustine, Florida or I perform Skype computer evaluations and treatments. It doesn’t really matter how you get the Yass method, the only thing that does is that you get it and you end your symptoms and reclaim your life. Nobody in the medical establishment is going to lead you to the Yass method. They in their sad and unknowing minds think everything is great and the reason you are not getting better is that something is wrong with you. You are going to have to make the attempt to alter your path and find the only path that can lead you to the right diagnosis and treatment. The best part of the Yass method is that when proven to be muscular, the cause is not only resolved so your symptoms are ended, you are empowered to understand what is necessary to prevent the symptoms from ever reoccurring. YOU ARE NOW IN CONTROL OF YOUR BODY!

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