A MEDICAL ATROCITY: How can you trust a system when this occurs!

I treated this woman recently and felt compelled to make people aware of just how insane and dangerous the existing medical system is in diagnosing and treating pain. This woman hurt her shoulder almost a year ago. she has been seen by an orthopedist and treated with the usual physical therapy generic treatment. She is still having pain and a major limitation in functional capacity of the right arm. Many of the most mundane activities she cannot perform. It has affected her life dramatically.

The orthopedist had an MRI performed and the results as you can see indicate that she has a complete rupture of the rotator cuff. When she showed me the results of the MRI and indicated that the orthopedist made it clear that the only way to resolve her pain and dysfunction was surgery, I asked her to raise her arm overhead as far as she could. You can see she has full range of motion. HOW CAN SHE HAVE A COMPLETE RUPTURE OF THE ROTATOR CUFF AND STILL HAVE FULL RANGE OF MOTION? The cuff must be attached to the shoulder for the shoulder to be put through range of motion. If there were an acute complete rupture of the rotator cuff you wouldn’t be even able to raise the arm to shoulder height. What has been identified is a degenerative tear that has occurred over years or decades and the body has adapted and addressed the issue. The fact that something can be seen is the equivalent of having a scar after getting a cut. You will always be able to tell that a cut occurred when seeing the scar but no intervention is necessary because the scar is not creating a symptom.

This is absolutely revolting and as far as I am concerned medical criminality. The idea that a surgeon would recommend surgery for a rotator cuff tear when a person has full range of motion is completely unjustifiable. You should never be allowed to end up in a position where a practitioner such as this can sway your opinion about what is the proper course of action to take when addressing your pain.

I proved to this woman that her pain was the result of a rotator cuff strain as well as other muscles involved in shoulder function straining. With one treatment her pain was resolved and her range of motion was fully pain-free. She noted she could lift objects and move into awkward positions with her shoulder with no pain that were impossible to obtain just minutes before the treatment began.

I don’t know what more proof you need to see that you are putting your well being and the chance for resolving your symptoms in jeopardy every time you seek medical attention through the existing model. I implore you to seek out the Yass method. It is the only method that interprets the body’s presentation of symptoms to identify the tissue in distress emitting the very symptoms being experienced. It can tell when the cause is structural or muscular. If muscular it can isolate with muscles are responsible for creating the symptoms being experienced so that only the appropriate muscles are address. It incorporates a system of strength training only found with the Yass method that includes progressive resistance strength training which allows muscles to be isolated and conditioned to work against progressive resistance to allow the muscles to be strengthened so they no longer strain and emit pain or cause misalignment of joint surfaces leading to joint pain or refer symptoms or impinge on nerves that refer symptoms.

If this woman was not referred by a family member to be treated through the Yass method, she would have been coerced into a surgery that I guarantee would not only have not resolved her pain but would have made it worse. She would have moved farther away from addressing the true cause of her pain and had no idea that this had occurred just like way too many of you are experiencing on a daily basis.

To get more information about the Yass method go to www.mitchellyass.com. To see free content about the Yass method and how to properly diagnose and treat pain go to my Youtube page at dr. mitchell yass or my Facebook page at dr. mitchell yass. For questions or to make an appointment to be treated by the Yass method, email at drmitch@mitchellyass.com.

I would greatly appreciate if this post can be shared with anybody suffering with chronic pain. It must be understood that the inability to resolve your pain does not lie with you but the systemic failure of the existing medical model to properly diagnose the cause of pain due to the baseless use of the MRI. Until you stand together and disavow the system and demand the Yass method become the standard of care, every day people will get unnecessary surgeries and become addicted to prescription pain medication through no fault of their own; something I have seen and experienced for over a quarter of a century.

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