Let’s Play The New Game: Guess What The MRI Would Show IF Taken Before You Had Pain?

For way too many of you the path has been long and hard relating to your chronic pain. Most have seen more medical specialists then they care to think about and yet the pain continues. I recently talked to a woman who told me she tried all the usual suspects for her back pain; epidural nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation, chiropractic care, physical therapy. She describes it as a check off list. They recommend one thing and when that doesn’t work you go down the list of treatments. She never gets an explanation from the practitioners providing them as to why they are supposed to work. She just gets passed along from one practitioner to another. She is at the stage where they are now recommending a spine stimulator be surgically implanted. If that doesn’t work, the final straw, back fusion. She is panic stricken and angry at the same time. She feels nobody is listening to her and that everything is performed or provided 100% based on the MRI finding that was determined after the start of her symptoms led her to seek treatment. She like almost everybody else was told that the cause of her pain is arthritis at the spine and a herniated disc. It was only through a conversation with a friend that she was telling about how her life has deteriorated since the advent of her pain that it came up that I had treated the friend over 10 years prior and she was still completely pain-free that led her to contact me.

I explained to her the most obvious and detrimental fact to the justification given by the medical establishment that the MRI is identifying the cause of your pain which should lead everybody to rise up and demand this practice be abolished. The basic premise behind the use of the MRI is that a person who is in pain gets an MRI and a structural variation is identified which allows a correlation to be made indicating that the structural variation is the cause of the pain. The key here is that the MRI is always performed while the person is in pain. That way, if a structural variation like a herniated disc, stenosis, arthritis or the alike is identified, it can always be identified as the cause of the pain. Now let’s play a new game called “Guess what the MRI would show if taken before you had pain”.  The game is simple. You are told that just because you have pain when the MRI finds a structural variation that this means its the cause of your pain. Nobody ever questions what an MRI would show if it was taken a day, a month or even 6 months before you have pain. That’s what this game is all about. Asking you to guess what you think the MRI would show. Now take your time and realize that all of the structural variations identified are slow, progressive processes that take years if not decades to occur. So if your pain began a month ago, ask yourself, what do you think the MRI would show if it were taken, a month and a day or two months or even 6 months prior to when it actual was taken. The answer is: EXACTLY THE SAME THING AS WHEN IT WAS TAKEN WHILE YOU HAD PAIN! So if you knew that the structural variation existed when you didn’t have pain, why would you believe that it is causing your pain when you have pain?

I hope by playing this game you begin to realize that the use of an MRI to identify the cause of your pain basically sets up a self fulfilling prophecy. As long as the MRI is used only when you have pain, it becomes very easy to assert that the structural variation identified is the cause of your pain. But then again using this correlative theory, I can say I am 6 foot because structural variations are always going to be found when the MRI is taken and I am 6 foot, or my brown hair can be correlated to the identification of structural variations because I always have brown hair when the MRI is taken.

Please realize that you are being misdiagnosed based solely on the false premise that just because the MRI is taken when you are in pain, the positive findings are the cause of that pain. This means that more than 90% of you who seek medical treatment to address your symptoms will be misdiagnosed. This is what leads to unnecessary and baseless treatments. This is why chronic pain exists; purely as the result of misdiagnosed acute pain.

Learn about the Yass method. It identifies the cause of your pain through the interpretation of the body’s presentation of symptoms just as the body wants the tissue in distress that is eliciting the symptoms to be identified. It can identify all possible tissues not like the MRI that cannot identify muscular causes. Chronic pain does not have to be a life sentence. It is time for you to understand why you will not see your symptoms resolved. It is time to get the Yass method to resolve your symptoms, return you to full function and to reclaim your life!

For more information about the Yass method go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com or email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com

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