Just like with Shark Tank, here is an update about a former patient! This can be you too with the Yass Method!

Just received this message from this former patient. This is the type of results you can achieve with the Yass method. This can be you! Don’t accept that chronic pain is a life sentence. Don’t accept the existing medical model as the only path. Addiction to prescription pain medication or being told that there is nothing left that can be done for you are not the only two end results. Resolve your pain now! Regain full functional capacity!Reclaim your life! Get the Yass method!

Hey Dr. Yass – just wanted to let you know that I recently returned from a 40 day long backpacking trip through Southeast Asia and I didn’t have any back pain 🙂

21 year old with 4 years of back pain already? The Yass method needs to become the standard of care to end this insanity!

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