Scoliosis can not cause pain! Here is why!

The diagnosis of scoliosis has led thousands of people to have surgery palcing a rod in their spine and yet there is no possible way scoliosis can cause pain. This complete lack of clarity and logic in understanding the proper mechanism to diagnose the cause of pain is the primary reason chronic pain exists at all. In almost all cases chronic pain is nothing more then misdiagnosed acute pain.

The sad reality is the MRI finds strucutral variations that were there before the pain began so therefore there is no rational to say that it is the cause pain when pain persists. Also if these structural variations such as herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis and the alike cause pain then those without pain should have no structural variaitons and yet 90% of those over the age of 60 with no back pain can be found to have bulging or degenerative discs.

You have a 90-95% chance of being misdiagnosed if you look to the medical establishment and the use of the MRI as the primary mechanism to diagnose tue cause of symptoms. You need look no further then the Yass method to properly identify the right tissue that is responsible for eliciting the symptoms being experienced so the proper treatment can be implemented so the distress of the identified tissue can be resolved causing the symptoms to cease.

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