Microdisectomy: Supposedly less invasive except to your wallet!

How many of you are having back pain getting an MRI finding a bulging or herniated disc and being told the best and most conservative approach is a microdisectomy surgery. Large corporations like the Laser Spine Institute promote the phrase, Look at what can be done in a 1 inch incision. The idea being that this is such a conservative approach that a large incision is not necessary and therefore your recovery will be faster. The problem is that anything that is being promoted to get surgery for; even with a 1 inch incision has nothing to do with the cause of your pain.

Herniated discs, stenosis, arthritis, sciatica and pinched nerves are all false diagnoses brought on by the fact that an MRI finds these structural variations always while you are in pain. That’s right, the test is always performed while you are in pain. Therefore when the structural variation is found, it is not hard for the medical establishment to say that the structural variation is the cause of your pain. First point to be made, what if an MRI was taken a day or a month or 6 months before you had pain, what would it show? The answer, the very same thing that showed up when you were in pain. That’s right. All of those structural variations take years to develop and are slow so in their progression they almost never elicit a symptom. So if you knew that these structural variations were there before you had pain why would you accept that they are causing your pain when they show up at that time? This is a dirty little secret that must be shared with everybody in pain!

Secondly, if the establishment is going to tell you that these structural variations cause pain, then by definition if you don’t have pain, you should not have these structural variations. Woops! A study showed that of those over the age of 60 with no back pain, 90% were found to have bulging or degenerative discs. That certainly doesn’t fit the required understanding to accept that structural variations are causing your pain. Another little secret you should know!

Of cause there is the other little secret never discussed and that is that disc material is made of fibrocartilage and this material does not have pain receptors in them therefore discs cannot elicit pain! Wow, that should be a scary idea when you are being told that surgery to a disc will resolve your pain.

So when all is said and done, microdisectomy is really just a nice advertising tool for the establishment to sell a more conservative form of surgery then an incisional surgery. Most pain is muscular in nature. In fact, 95 to 95% of cases are muscular. These types of causes don’t show up on MRIs and certainly medical specialists are not educated or trained to identify these causes. There is nothing more sad for me to have to deal with then the person who got an unnecessary surgery and is still in pain and completely confused by that fact. Don’t follow the party line. Look at the evidence and realize that you are going to have to make your own decision about how to be treated. When the surgeon is telling you there is a 30% or 50% chance the surgery is going to be effective in resolving your symptoms, that is your chance to exit the office.

It’s time to learn about the Yass method and learn how to properly diagnose the cause of your symptoms. Interpreting the body’s presentation of symptoms is the only true method to identify the tissue eliciting your pain. All possible tissues can be identified by the presentation of the symptoms being experienced. Even sciatica has nothing to do with structural variations occurring at the lumbar spine. It is the result of a muscle called the piriformis impinging on the sciatic nerve at the gluteal region.

If you want more information about the Yass method go to my website at www.mitchellyass.com or email me at drmitch@mitchellyass.com 

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